The new 3.3 Eclipse bug

As of Monday night on the PTR, there is a bug with Eclipse. ANY mod that tracks Eclipse procs by watching the combat log is broken. Why? Well, Eclipse isn’t notifying the combat log when it procs (everything else besides Eclipse seems to work fine). More specifically: Eclipse no longer firing SPELL_AURA_APPLIED

As of now, the only mods I’ve found (by PTR testing) that are tracking the buff portion of Eclipse are: Class Timer (with Class Timer Eclipse – see below), SexyCooldown, and Elkano’s BuffBar. If you click on each of these, it will take you to their Curse page. You can also google search for other places to download them. In theory, this means all the timer mods that were tracking them from the buffs that show up on your screen should work (since they track buffs being applied without them having to show up in the combat log).

UPDATE 1: Class timer is able to detect the buff from Eclipse. Class Timer Eclipse is able to give the cooldown timer for both halves of Eclipse. This is the first timer mod that I’ve found that will give the cooldown for it. So, download these two files, configure them, and you should have a good temporary replacement for S&A until they fix the bug. I was able to verify this on the PTR.

I’ll update this post if people find (or create) mods that work with the bugged version of Eclipse, and I’ll also post when a bug fix hits the Live servers.

EDIT: There is also a potential “fix” for Squawk & Awe.

The Moonkin Repository also has other resources.

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7 comments on “The new 3.3 Eclipse bug
  1. graylo says:

    The author of Squawk and Awe made a comment on my blog. There is hope.

    “Just wanted to give people a heads-up, there’s a quick fix in the works for SAA. It’s a kinda ugly hack, and I’m not sure about the performance difference in using it, so I’m waiting until I get confirmation that a.) it works, and b.) it doesn’t lock up your computer before I release it. The fix was written by another party, as well, so I’ll want to get his permission before I post it places (or let him do it).

    After the fix, SAA will still work exactly as it has before – no split Eclipse bars, trinket bars still somewhat borked, depending on what trinkets you’re using. All the fix does is change from triggering Eclipse bars off of the Combat Log to triggering off of the UNIT_AURA event. “

  2. Lissanna says:

    YAY! /cheer

    If we can get a good (stable & not laggy) version of S&A working, then that would be good. Also, all my testing was on the PTR using outdated versions, so if people already corrected for this in their mods, there may be more working that I didn’t catch on my initial scan. I worked on finding mods for about 2 or 3 hours yesterday & couldn’t spend any more time on it than what I did. I’m hoping that people are able to test out some other mods & get “working” verifications when the servers come back up.

  3. Tuffhead says:

    I am trying to use Classtimer Eclipse but the cooldown is shown correctly but the buff appears and disappears? Has anybody else seen that?

  4. Lissanna says:

    I haven’t been able to log into the Live servers yet. I think there is probably some configuration issue? Honestly, I was just trying to figure out what showed the procs & cooldowns. I didn’t get to spend much time doing it, since I was trying to work on it the day before patch day…

  5. Lissanna says:

    It looks like Classtimer is stacking things ontop of eachother instead of “growing” up and down like it should. 🙁

    I think I can set it to JUST show Eclipse…

  6. Tuffhead says:

    Yah I am gonna keep use Squak for normal buffs and use Classtimer to Eclipse. I wish it would tell me which eclipse it was incase I’m not paying attention, lol

  7. Mortiseraph says:

    I have to admit, lady deathwhisper is by far the most fun I’ve had in a raid in awhile. Hectic fight but very engaging and allows all classes and specs to shine. I really liked it.


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