Yearly Archives: 2009

Restokin’s Year In Review

Okay, so Psynister tagged me with the Year in Review blogger meme thing. If you do one, you can post it up at Blog Azeroth’s Shared Topic. Warcraft Year in Review Meme 1. What did you do in the World of Warcraft in 2009 that you’d never done before? My honest answer here is… Started […]

Sarufang 25 Strat for My Conspiracy guildies

So, my guild killed Sarufang fine with two 10-man groups over the weekend, but we never got a night of attempts last week because of disconnect problems and other things that pretty much wiped out the equivalent of a whole night of raiding. So, today was our first attempt on 25-man. We had about 15 […]

Practice Makes Perfect – Lissiel the Fail Shaman

So, I’m one of those specialists who spend hours and hours and hours focusing on one character. This means that I know druids really, really well – but I know much less about other classes. Lissanna feels more like an extension of myself than a character that I play in the video game. I do, […]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Winter’s Veil

I have been trying to figure out how to turn into Christmas Tree form for the last few years. I finally figured it out! (well, maybe not really). Today is the official start of Winter’s Veil! My druid already has the meta-achivement, but I still plan to have lots of fun over the holiday. My […]