Yearly Archives: 2009

Blog 3.3 healing guide now updated!

This is what you have all been waiting for – The comprehensive guide on how to heal as a resto druid in patch 3.3! Here is the table of contents. What I changed… EVERYTHING! I brought the raid healing strategies up to the current version of what people are doing, based on the feedback I […]

3.3 – new dungeon & raid tool (and more!)

Before I start posting my new healing guide, I wanted to briefly go over how you will find PUGs starting today. I ALSO wanted to point out that I talked earlier about leveling improvements for very low level players. (I start working on patch day stuff long before patch day!). The new LFG tool: I […]

Patch 3.3 changes – Druid Roundup

There are lots of druid changes in 3.3 (mostly for resto & some for moonkin, only a couple for feral). First, here are the druid-related patch notes AND what they mean to you. After I teach this morning, I’m coming home and spending the rest of the day working on outlining other info you’ll need […]

The new 3.3 Eclipse bug

As of Monday night on the PTR, there is a bug with Eclipse. ANY mod that tracks Eclipse procs by watching the combat log is broken. Why? Well, Eclipse isn’t notifying the combat log when it procs (everything else besides Eclipse seems to work fine). More specifically: Eclipse no longer firing SPELL_AURA_APPLIED As of now, […]