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Talent guides of the future: Is all choice good choice?

Okay, so it’s no secret that I spend a LOT of my time coming up with talent guides. I’ve done talent guides for leveling. Talent guides for end-game raiding. Analysis of what talents I think are good. Analysis for what talents I think are bad and should be changed. I also apologize in advance for […]

Lore Matters: War of the Ancients book series

So, over Christmas break, I had long airplane flights. So, I took the Warcraft: War of the Ancients trilogy book series with me as reading material to keep me from getting bored on the plane. For as much as some people dislike Richard Knaak’s work, I actually found this series to be important for me. […]

Murmurs is Not the shadow labs boss

Okay, so yesterday was the day a lot of you were eagerly awaiting… No, it wasn’t the patch with moonkin buffs (which we aren’t getting today, either). It was the day that finally posted about who they hired to write some new columns on their site. Instead of finding someone who could fill the […]

Building a better resto shaman alt

Okay, so I have a shaman alt that I sometimes play. My alt has been 80 for long enough that I’m in mostly epic gear from heroics. I’ve tried raiding 10-mans once or twice, without great success. I tend to call Lissiel my “fail shaman”, because my alt just doesn’t live up to the expectation […]

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