Building a better resto shaman alt

Okay, so I have a shaman alt that I sometimes play. My alt has been 80 for long enough that I’m in mostly epic gear from heroics. I’ve tried raiding 10-mans once or twice, without great success. I tend to call Lissiel my “fail shaman”, because my alt just doesn’t live up to the expectation of excellence that my druid has been able to live up to.

I think my shaman is suffering from something that Shields UP describes in a guide to mastering shaman healing: “Many shamans new to shaman healing fail at choosing the appropriate spells for the right situations.” I believe this is true, even for my shaman. I have mastered how to choose the right druid heal for the right situation, but for my shaman, I feel a little like I don’t have enough tools, so I just tend to button-mash whatever feels right at the moment, which isn’t living up to my potential. The guide at shields up has a lot of really great advice about learning shaman healing, with links to additional resources in the post that can help you with choosing the right shaman heals.

Shaman healing used to just be all about spamming chain heal. However, mindless chain-heal spamming is just as ridiculous as only rolling lifebloom is for druids right now. Burning Crusade one-button-spamming healing strategies just doesn’t work anymore.

Another great resource for learning about shaman healing is the guide over at slash hug. This guide goes into the basics of talents, spells, addons, gear and stats for people who are new to playing a resto shaman. While written back in May, I think it’s still fairly up to date & relevant.

These two are good starter guides. What else do you use for learning shaman healing at level 80? If I dig up some other guides, I may re-edit this post to add some more.

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10 comments on “Building a better resto shaman alt
  1. Ardol says:

    I can’t help but wonder whether shaman alts are particularly popular among druids. I have a RL friend who played a druid but then made a shaman his main. Have you noticed that trend too, Liss?

  2. Shaelyn says:

    Hehe, I used to play a resto druid as my main but switched to a shaman with resto as my off-spec…

    Thanks for the guide links, will be checking them out!

  3. Lissanna says:

    It’s a similar hybrid caster/melee/healer class, so that attracts a lot of the same people.

  4. Jarnow says:

    Thanks for posting that guide. If I ever find the time, I’m gonna start up a shaman and plan on doing lots of healing as I level. I realize the guide is based on lvl 80, but it looks like there’s still lots of good info.

  5. aramis says:

    Yeah, you lost me on the whole Shammy thing, lol!

    Let’s get back to your Shadow Priest alt, now THAT is something in which I am totally with you 😀

    Sidebar: Did you see the columnist announcement over at I like the boomer decision, but not the combining of the Resto/Feral position. Two ends of the spectrum there, IMO.

  6. Lissanna says:

    I’ve been neglecting my shadow priest alt. I got stuck in Wailing Caverns 2 times in a row with my dungeon finder (took about an hour and a half to complete each run thru) & now I’m afraid to play it, lol.

    I’m super excited about seeing Murmurs become a writer for Allison has already done a good job with writing about resto, so it should work out fine.

  7. aramis says:

    Poor neglected priest 🙁

    I’m tellin you though, keep at it with the shadow priest. I did and it turned out to be so much fun! They’re beasts! Until you hit level 80 and then they’re only beasts in groups, lol.

    I’m excited about Murmurs as well, I was just perturbed they went full Boomer for the spot and ignored Resto, which I’m sure threw off a lot of applicants like myself. Admittedly, my application was quite Resto-centric (That, and if I had heard even a WHISPER that Murmurs was putting in his app, I wouldn’t have even spent the four hours I did planning and writing up my app, lol). /sigh If I had it in me I’d make a blog, but there’s already some GREAT ones like this one out there. Definitely don’t need another at the moment.

  8. Lissanna says:

    Aramis – there can never be too many blogs. I think you should make one. OR, maybe you could guest post around here at some point. I’d be happy to take a look at the post you had to write for the position & maybe post it here. 🙂

  9. drug says:

    I’d very much recommend Mek’s Restoration Guide, but somehow it got lost in the interwebs. Maybe he’ll fix/update it someday.

    Other than that:
    1. Shaman healing is all about tweaking your healing style over and over again. Work with addons. Make things a little bit more complicated/interesting. If you don’t do it, you might find the spec awfully boring, especially compared to priests/druid.
    2. You can’t like every healing class. I played all 5 healing specs at level 80 and I like some a LOT more than others.

  10. Aurik says:

    I’m glad you found my guide useful – it is a little out-of-date as it was made before the nice changes to Chain Heal, but I hope to update it a little when my second resto shammy makes his way up the levels a bit 😉

    I totally agree with Drug on the tweaking thing too – if you don’t take an interest in it and play around with your spells you may well find a shaman rather boring. Like him, I’ve tried all healing specs and find some way more interesting than others! =)



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