Introducing… the New face of restokin!

Now introducing…the world first healing moonkin! From switching too much between moonkin and healing in raids, my moonkin has finally sprouted leaves & finally learned how to heal in moonkin form! Well, at least I can dream, right?

Thank you so much to Ginny (@immamoonkin on twitter) for drawing me such an amazing picture of a healing moonkin! I have no art skill at all, but Ginny is just really amazing. You can find more of Ginny’s art on Deviant Art! I commissioned a “restokin” picture, and I’m really amazed at the results. It’s better than I ever could have expected. Lodur at WoM also commissioned something recently from Ginny and wrote a great article featuring the dwarf shaman picture she drew for Lodur! I eventually plan on turning this picture into the banner for my blog (she sent me another file where I can change the background on to make the banner), but I wanted to unveil this for all of you before I had time to get it “banner-shaped”, because I’m just too excited!

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4 comments on “Introducing… the New face of restokin!
  1. MoodylonerDK says:

    I like the icon and banners she did for me – she is very good!

  2. Hayyel says:


    This great pic of a real Restokin got me wondering – and I don’t know anywhere else to ask – now that most people (on my server anyway) are overgeared for running the random heroics, and if I’m purely healing I’m mostly not doing a lot, I’ve taken to knocking out dps while I can too. Be it Hurricaning groups of adds or spamming wrath and starfire on the bosses, it doesn’t matter, it keeps me entertained.

    Is a Restokin spec viable again for grinding heroics? One with which you can put out decent (I’m not talking table-topping, you are the healer after all) dps while being able to heal effectively?

    If so – can you suggest a good spec?

    Thanks for the blog,

  3. Lissanna says:

    At this point, restokin specs are more of a joke than a reality. I’m not sure if you could do heroics with a restokin spec or not. I haven’t tried.


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