Murmurs is Not the shadow labs boss

Okay, so yesterday was the day a lot of you were eagerly awaiting… No, it wasn’t the patch with moonkin buffs (which we aren’t getting today, either). It was the day that finally posted about who they hired to write some new columns on their site. Instead of finding someone who could fill the role of posting equally as well about resto & moonkin, they instead hired a full-time moonkin. However, I’m super excited about WHO they chose to be the full-time moonkin columnist: Murmurs of the druid forums (or, if you want to believe that his name isn’t murmurs IRL: Tyler Caraway)!

Now, my moonkin readers (if they have ever read the druid forums between Vanilla WoW and Today) should know who Murmurs is. However, I’m guessing that some of my resto followers don’t. Murmurs is a person who is actually better than me – because he is the person who does all the theorycrafting math that I rely on for my understanding moonkin mechanics. In the Beta for WotLK, I would search through the druid forums to find his posts, and then I would use that info to help shape the feedback that I wrote, as well. He is incredibly knowledgeable about moonkin, further progressed than I am, and he understands all the math. He does all the theorycrafting with actual math (something I’m not capable of doing – and something I periodically get criticized for). However, for as many times as I said “math” in this paragraph: He has also documented the ability to turn that math into something that other people can understand. I am very happy for Murmurs, and I’m really excited to see what his posts will look like. The idea of his working for turns me into a geeky little fan girl, jumping up and down around my house cheering. I have a lot of respect for his writing, and I hope that you enjoy his posts as much as I know I will. 🙂

For the resto druids who are bummed about not getting a new writer – I want to say that I have faith in Allison’s ability to keep writing resto columns. She does play her druid as resto and feral, so she knows her stuff. One of her latest pieces was on restoration healing in ICC.

They also got Stoneybaby of Big Hit Box to write the enhancement shaman column. This is pretty exciting news for the enhancement shaman community. They haven’t yet found a resto shaman to help teach my shaman how to not be fail, so if you are a good resto shaman, you should apply to for the resto shaman writer position!

I also want to say for the record that I did not apply to the position. I thought really long and hard about it.  I didn’t have enough time to maintain both this blog and a writing career. I would much rather have fun writing about druids on my own time, without the deadlines of having to post large articles on a set schedule. Also, being in grad school made the idea of writing for them a much more daunting task than I wanted to take on, especially as I start to write my dissertation proposal. So, I’m going to keep posting here at, my own little slice of the internet. For my blog right now, I’m aiming for an every-other-day schedule for the near future. The every day schedule I was originally maintaining got to be a little too much, so I’m working on forcing myself to cut back down to a reasonable posting amount. 🙂

Congrats to everyone who got hired by! I can’t wait to see all the new articles in the upcoming weeks!

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8 comments on “Murmurs is Not the shadow labs boss
  1. Hamlet says:

    Guess I don’t know who he is since I don’t read the official forums, but since I’m curious about anyone working on Moonkin math–does he have a blog or someplace where his work is visible?

    I actually vaguely considered applying too, but I had similar concerns about time (I’m a law student, so same issues as you). And my own focus might be a bit too narrow for them (if it’s not about how to raid more effectively and efficiently, it’s not my game). Having your own place where you can focus on whatever you want–in your case your blog, in my case being the Resto/Moonkin theorycraft czar over at EJ, is more fun 🙂 .

  2. Kiliani says:

    I saw your response to my little jest in the article comments, and wanted to assure you that I was totally aware that you weren’t applying, and that Murmurs was not a lesser option that we’d have to settle for.

    I’m just as much a fangirl when it comes to Murmurs as you are 🙂 I was practically giddy when I saw the announcement.

    But I also love your blog, and I thought it’d be fun to give you some props as well. I would have loved it if you’d applied and gotten the job (and I felt the same when I heard Graylo had applied – he’d have been great for it as well). Since you didn’t apply, and Graylo didn’t get the nod, I’m actually even happier to know that you and Graylo can continue putting 100% effort into your own blogs, and on top of that, I get to hear from Murmurs regularly instead of chancing that I’ll happen to check in on the official forums or TMR on a day when one of his posts is on the first page.

    All good. I’m a happy chikin. 😀

  3. Lissanna says:

    Hamlet – As far as I know, Murmurs doesn’t have a blog… which is what makes me particularly happy to see that he’ll be writing on
    Murmurs does sometimes post on the moonkin repository, with things such as:

    I would expect his posts to have less numbers & more words. 🙂 If he does post things that are too math-heavy, I can always act as an interpreter if needed, lol.

    Kiliani – Much <3

  4. Hamlet says:

    Heh–no matter who he is, he’s probably not spent as much time on Moonkin math as I have 😉 (well, since I started playing the class).

    It’s funny, there was something attractive about the idea of applying to a site where I could write and get a lot of attention. But I’m too much of an ivory-tower type when it comes working out the theorycraft; I think I wouldn’t be able to write stuff with popular appeal. He’s probably a good candidate if he’s halfway between me and you 🙂 .

    While I’m here, can I plug my Moonkin and Resto guides to you? We’ve been reorganizing a bit so the links might be new:
    Might be interesting to you and/or useful for anyone looking for guide on high-end raiding. (Besides, if my reward isn’t from writing a well-read blog, it’s from seeing my theorycraft work disseminate through the community in various ways, so I have to put at least some effort into it!).

  5. Lissanna says:

    Hamlet – I have been following your EJ posts. 🙂

    I think I plugged your resto one at some point…

  6. Jarnow says:

    I don’t follow the moonkin forums so I have no idea who Murmurs is. But I’ll take everyone’s excitement at face value, which suggests that had really been upping the ante with their columnits. My current main is a hunter (transitioning to a tree maybe dabbling as moonkin, hence my poking around this blog), and I have considered Frostheim’s (a.k.a. Brian Wood the new Scattered Shots dude) the gold standard hunter blog for all of 2009. So I was really excited to see him come on board. And if the press on Murmurs is accurate, looks like that’s a win too.

    And I’m glad Allison’s staying on as the resto columnist; I like her style and she seems to know her stuff.

    (shorter me: Good job 😉 )

  7. aramis says:

    All I can say is this:

    I didn’t even touch the owl until dualspec went live. I was a new 80 when it did. But between Murmurs’ freaky math on the forums (which oddly enough is probably the ONLY person’s theorycrafting garble I could actually understand), Lissanna’s posts, and Phaelia’s blog, I actually surprised a lot of people in my guild at how well I could play my toon in instance and raids (back when Naxx was the place to be).

    So yeah, Murmurs contributed like Lissanna to my less failness today.

  8. Chipster says:

    Obligatory “there’s no ‘s’ in Labyrinth”



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