New ICC wing (Plagueworks) unlocks this week!

So, now that the holidays have finally come to an end (I’m flying back today – Monday the 4th), it is time to focus on Icecrown Citadel raiding again.

With the end of the holidays comes a new set of bosses. The total number of bosses in ICC is being increased by 3, as the Plagueworks wing opens “soon”! MMO-champion has a description of boss abilities, and loot lists for the new wing, with Rotface, Festergut, & Professor Putricide.

There are a couple resto pieces, and a couple moonkin pieces. How do you tell the difference? Well, moonkin pieces have crit, and the resto pieces have haste. However, moonkin may need some haste pieces, and once resto hits the haste cap, they can pick up crit pieces.

Now, if you are a resto druid that is really attached to one-hand weapons, there is a haste 1-hand mace (Lockjaw) that drops from 10-man Rotface…. so stop taking the moonkin crit weapon off Marrowgar! There is also  Trauma, a neat healing weapon with an interesting looking proc (but no crit OR haste), that comes from 25-man Rotface. There are haste pants that drop from Festergut 25-man which are good for resto druids. Rotface 10-man also has a haste necklace for resto druids. Putricide has a haste belt which should be a good upgrade for resto druids. At this point, my resto set is above the haste cap for resto druids, though I could definitely use some spellpower upgrades for some of my weaker pieces.

For moonkin, the leather drops from Rotface are both crit pieces (head & chest), though you would want to keep your T9 or T10 set bonuses if you can. This wing is definitely more exciting for resto than for moonkin – though there may will also be some good cloth +hit pieces that would be worthwhile, too. Moonkin could probably also use Putricide’s haste belt or one of the other haste pieces just to keep at (or above) the 400 haste rating soft-cap. There may also be other goodies that I missed in my scan of the loot lists. Graylo hasn’t yet posted his “best in slot” loot list yet. It’s likely that you’ll still need some stuff off the first wing of bosses still.

My guild had a slow couple weeks because of the holidays, but I’m ready to have some fun conquering content once things get back to normal this week! Good luck everyone!

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2 comments on “New ICC wing (Plagueworks) unlocks this week!
  1. Treeboi says:

    There’s a haste/mp5 dagger (Midnight Sun) that drops from the gunship battle, in ICC10. I got lucky and picked it up last week.

    For all practical purposes, it’s identical to the mace (Lockjaw).

    I really don’t understand why Blizzard made two nearly identical weapons in the same instance. The dagger should have been haste/spirit, to differentiate it from the mace.

  2. Beast says:

    ^^Bump the spirit comment w/ Midnight Sun. Speaking of spirit, I got that staff from 10ICC that has ridiculous spirit AND haste on it. It’s been working out fairly well for me. Anyone know what chest we’ll need to use for resto druids? I plan on getting 4pc t10 and using some 264 off-piece for the chest (the t10chest is crap imo.) I’d prefer something w/ spirt, haste and sockets galore (^_^)


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