Monthly Archives: January 2010

Progressing in ICC at our own pace

So, Conspiracy was able to make some progress in ICC this week. I’m also a little behind in posting my progression updates. One of our tanks finally had his characters restored after being hacked over a week ago, so we was able to raid again this week. We were able to get down both Rotface […]

New Banner art at Restokin!

Okay, so I was finally able to get the new restokin picture to be banner-shaped & uploaded into my theme. Yay! Ginny (@immamoonkin on twitter) drew the restokin art for me. I introduced her final picture-version in a previous post. If you haven’t looked at her other art work already, I really recommend that you […]

Resto druids are like unique snowflakes

Okay, so there has been some debate the last couple days about my resto healing guide (is it bad? is it good? Do I not understand the definition of the word popular?). Also, OMG lifebloom! The deal with lifebloom is that… Resto druids are unique snowflakes. Every single resto druid has a different healing style. […]