Monthly Archives: January 2010

The bigger picture: Balance Druids are better than we used to be

I know that Icecrown Citadel brought with it a lot of worries to moonkin. A lot of moonkin are worried about keeping up with the other DPS in the raid. However, while moonkin are lamenting about how bad things are now, they are forgetting how bad it used to be. While they worry about possibly […]

Possible small moonkin buff on the radar

So, Zarhym slipped into one of the Damage Dealing forums moonkin posts to let us know that they are considering a small damage buff for the struggling moonkin. This would come in one of their 3.3.x mini-patches. It is NOT a buff to Eclipse that they are considering (thank Elune). Instead, it is a buff […]

If you raid with a guild, you should have an authenticator.

Authenticators are a device that I have talked about before. They are awesome little things that protect your account from being compromised. It keeps hackers out of your account management page & it keeps them out of your game. Raiding guilds are like teams of people. If one person gets hacked, it effects everyone. This […]