Monthly Archives: January 2010

Introducing… the New face of restokin!

Now introducing…the world first healing moonkin! From switching too much between moonkin and healing in raids, my moonkin has finally sprouted leaves & finally learned how to heal in moonkin form! Well, at least I can dream, right? Thank you so much to Ginny (@immamoonkin on twitter) for drawing me such an amazing picture of […]

Rawr for Resto Druids explained

Rawr is a tool that a lot of WoW players use for figuring out optimal gearing for their character. You can download the program free from their website. First, I want to remind you that programs like Rawr are a tool, but that no tool is better than understanding your class mechanics and using your […] is looking for a resto/balance druid writer just finished hiring priest & hunter column writers. However, hidden at the bottom of their welcome post for the new columnists is a note about looking for a resto & balance druid columnist. From following their application posts, here are my thoughts & some info I’ve been able to gather from the post: It […]