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My new alt: Shadow Priest

So, I consider myself more of a specialist. My focus of everything that I do is my druid. However, while I was rewarded in Vanilla and Burning Crusade for being a specialist, Wrath instead rewards generalists.

My boyfriend wins out in WotLK because he has 10 alts. The dungeon system rewards having multiple characters, since you can benefit from the gear rewards better by splitting loot across multiple characters (some of whom actually need the blues & greens from heroic dungeons), rather than just picking up badges on a raid-decked-out main.

So, I got bored after 3.3 came out because I only have one character that I focus on. So, I spent some more time focusing on my shaman – I got a set of healing gear, a set of enhancement melee gear, and I even did the holiday achievements. However, this still isn’t enough – especially since my druid hasn’t been able to raid more than once a week over the holidays. So, the last couple weeks, I’ve been rather bored on my druid, since I ran out of interesting non-raiding things to do, besides my one random heroic that gives me frost badges.

So, to cure this Christmas Break boredom, I started a new character. I know I said a couple posts ago that I wasn’t going to start a new non-druid character, but I ran out of other things to do. I decided to start a priest because I wanted to try to learn more about another healing class, and first hand experience is the best way to do it.

My priest is Annalis on Elune, and is a Draenei priest, so that I could play in the newer starting zone.

When I hit level 6, I ran to Azure Watch and picked up all my pets & heirloom items (cloth chest & shoulders, PvP staff, spell power trinket). At level 15, I started running the “random classic” dungeons. At level 15 and 16, the random dungeon is always Ragefire Chasm. My shadow spec’d priest can still heal that dungeon, since no one takes that much damage. I’m currently level 16.

One thing that leveling a priest does is that it allows me to talk to low level druids from my battle group when I’m in the random dungeons, so I can see what low level characters are actually doing. This ends up being good research for my leveling guide, since it helps me see what things tend to confuse low level characters that I’m playing with in the dungeon. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep playing this priest, but the cloth heirlooms will transfer okay to another character if I decide to stop leveling it. If I keep going, I’ll probably post more about my alt’s leveling experiences – between raiding guides, so that I don’t come across as disconnected from the leveling advice that I give people.

It’s actually more fun than I thought it was going to be, since the random dungeon feature is actually really nice at lower levels.

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