Progressing in ICC at our own pace

So, Conspiracy was able to make some progress in ICC this week. I’m also a little behind in posting my progression updates. One of our tanks finally had his characters restored after being hacked over a week ago, so we was able to raid again this week. We were able to get down both Rotface and Festergut for the first time this week.

Rotface and Festergut both feel like DPS races, and they were ones that we struggled with a lot, since we don’t have super geared people (I’m still in a lot of 10-man TOC gear). However, we managed to work together and pulled out the DPS that we needed to do, and finally conquered the two bosses that look exactly the same (I only tell them apart because I repeat to myself “right is for rotface”. I’m not even sure if I labeled them right in the boss kill pics…

Conspiracy doesn’t get world-first boss kills, and doesn’t always choose to do hard-modes for bosses. However, one thing that Conspiracy does have is a great group of officers that helps the raid be an enjoyable environment. We do progress, but it’s at our own pace. We raid the 25-mans only 2 days a week, and we don’t always push to be the most cutting-edge of progression…. and that’s okay with me. If I wanted to be in a hard-core, cutting-edge guild, I would be. However, I’m in Conspiracy because I genuinely enjoy raiding with them, and I finally feel like I’m “home” in a way that I haven’t felt since before Burning Crusade. Logging into raid with Conspiracy is really a lot of fun, even if I don’t always like the raid mechanics – I like the people I’m raiding with.

I also have a couple other pictures: One is the achievement shot from our Sarufang kill. We didn’t pause long enough for a boss kill picture, as everyone charged into the portal, and I should have posted this a while ago… and then one of our paladins sacrificed themselves to the blue wall of death the first time we were able to …

Also, I got a close up of our guild’s druid that got the legendary. Since we have had so many of our healers return, Ang had to go moonkin for some of the ICC raids (especially for the DPS race ones), where we had to cut down from 7 healers to 5. So, here’s Ang doing moonkin DPS with his legendary healer weapon when we need more DPS… just to make everyone jealous. If you want to see Ang stop being a moonkin with the healer legendary, I think we could use another ranged DPS guild member. Feel free to apply. 🙂

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10 comments on “Progressing in ICC at our own pace
  1. Hamlet says:

    Don’t worry, you have some fights coming up that really want 2 Trees. Most notably BQL, although Putricide does as well (and Festergut and Marrowgar will on hard). This zone will have no shortage of work for us 🙂 .

  2. Treeboi says:

    My opinion is that 2 of your healers should go dps.

    Don’t recruit a new ranged dps – just have 2 of your healers switch roles.

    That’s pretty much what my guild does. We have 4 dps players who have good healing gear, all of whom were main healers at one time or another.

    It lets us switch up roles on the fly, like having more healers to learn the fight, and then reducing those numbers, to make the enrage timer.

    We do the same thing for tanks too, as we have 3 extra tanks typically in the raid, who’s normal job is dps.

    A huge benefit from all of this is that vacations, holidays, and real life, seem to have zero effect on our raiding schedule. No matter how many people seem to be away, there’s always enough tanks and healers around to raid.

  3. Lissanna says:

    Ang & I are both dual-spec moonkin/resto. I just recently switched from full-time resto to full-time moonkin. He’s part-time moonkin still, and we want to make better use of his hammer with having him heal.

    We also had to call a raid early this week because someone DC’d mid-raid on Wednesday & didn’t have a replacement for them – so we actually could use another ranged DPS member or two just to fill out our roster so that we don’t have to call raids for lack of DPS.

  4. Beruthiel says:

    Grats Lissana!

    One of the things that really stressed me out as a member of our guild’s leadership during early TBC, while we were rebuilding, was trying to keep on top of content.

    Eventually it got to be too much, and I told myself that I was just going to play to play, rankings and all be damned. I haven’t looked back. And quite honestly, our guild is a better place because of it.

    Eventhough I am still quietly competetive, I will go weeks without looking at ranking sites or progression sites. Because honestly, who cares? It’s much more fun not to have added pressure of “succeeding” on you, and just play the game for fun!

    So, kudos to you for having fun! And good luck as you keep pushing forward! (It’s not as if we aren’t going to have plenty of time with this content anyhow :))

  5. Relevart says:

    Oh I hate you so much for posting this today. I’ve been looking for an active guild for quite some time and just signed up with a different guild as a sub. Had I only known that there was a need for DPS in what is so clearly a jovial and well-spirited guild, I would have jumped at the chance… I shall be crying to myself tonight…

  6. Lissanna says:

    Well, if that guild doesn’t work out…

  7. Sunfyre says:

    Grats! And if it helps for Festergut (not sure if you read my tweet), stay at range, but always have the ranged spore collapse on you with the rest of the DPS. You’re a big fat owl and an easy focal point, and it allows you to stay at range without moving and maximize your DPS.

  8. Dwarffinator says:

    @Sunfyre – Excuse me but I’m sure Lissanna would resent being called “a big fat owl.” Zaftig would have been more appropriate.

  9. Lissanna says:

    It’s okay Dwarf, because Sunfyre is ALSO a big fat owl. 😉

  10. Trolando says:

    Hi Lis

    just a thought I wanted to share

    Rejuv has higher HPCT than Nourish, but Nourish has a higher HPS. Now you get the raid HPS of Rejuvenation by multiplying the average stacks by HPS of Rejuvenation.

    Now, taking Nourish(0) and Nourish(1) for the amount of stacks on a target, you’ll see that there’s a break-even point where your HPS with Nourish(x) will equal the rHPS with Rejuvenation.

    AvgStacks * RJhps = N(x)hps
    (assuming AvgStacks * RJhps < RJhpct) [you can't cast more than you can cast]

    For me, with 4 pieces of T9 (stronger rejuv because it can crit) they are 5.66 with x=0 and 7.13 with x=1

    Now if you would think about the amount of overhealing from Rejuvenation and from Nourish, it gets interesting. I find that I can do more healing by judging this and casting Nourish if Swiftmend is on CD instead of rejuvenation, in certain cases.

    Of course Nourish will be more mana intensive, RJhpm = r * N(x)hpm (r=2.7 for x=0 and r=2.16 for x=1), but during fights with spike damage on different targets instead of the same targets it may be lots better to use Nourish (and of course Rejuvenation+Swiftmend when available).

    Perhaps I could include these numbers somewhere in Rawr, but they are already indirectly/implicitly available in the HPS/HPCT/HPM charts.

    I got a bit into this because a Tree did more healing than me in Lady Frostwhisper fight, using mainly Nourish instead of Rejuvenation and we got talking a bit.


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