Resto/Moonkin loot in ICC’s Crimson Halls

So, the Crimson Halls opens up this week. As I did for the last wing, I wanted to highlight some of the good resto & moonkin gear from the new wing’s loot table. The two new bosses are: Blood Princes and Blood Queen Lana’Thel.

Also, please note that you don’t have to defeat the Plagueworks to gain access to the Crimson Halls.  This means that people struggling on Putricide (or the other Plague bosses) can still make attempts on the Blood Princes & such. MMO-champion actually posted a good spreadsheet talking about how things will work in the dungeon (the gating, limited attempts, & instance design). So, I won’t spend a lot of time talking about what you can learn more easily from the graphic display.

Okay, so with 2 bosses worth of loot, lets look at the haste/spirit gear (more resto-oriented):

  • Shoulders of Frost-Tipped Thorns – From Blood Princes 25-man. Since the set shoulders have crit, these are a good haste option for resto if you aren’t going for set bonuses.
  • Shoulderpads of the Searing Kiss – From Blood Queen Lana’thel 10-man (pretty similar to the 25-man shoulders).
  • Heartsick Mender’s Cape – From blood Princes 10-man. This cape is great for resto. It could work for moonkin, but a crit cape would be better (though there aren’t many options for cloaks in general for casters)
  • Dying Light – Staff from Blood Queen Lana’thel 25-man

Both haste & Crit: Would be good for either resto or moonkin (but slightly favoring moonkin, since resto should still need regen stats):

  • Shadow Silk Spindle – Off-hand item from Blood Princes 25-man. For moonkin, this would pair great with the dagger from Morrowgar. For resto druids, you could use this with a haste one-hander (though I recommended using staves in my resto weapon itemization piece).
  • Cerise Coiled Ring – From Blood Princes 10-man. This ring is a good choice for people running 10-mans, for either resto or moonkin – especially with the red socket on it.
  • Blood Queen’s Crimson Choker – From Blood Queen Lana’thel 25-man.

Crit Pieces (more moonkin-oriented):

  • Incarnadine Band of Mending – Ring from Blood Princes 25-man. This probably isn’t the best option of ring for us in the instance, however it has crit on it, so this could work as one of your gearing options. This is going to be better for moonkin than Valanar’s Other Signet Ring, unless you need the hit rating.
  • Set piece tokens? This wing is light on leather, and crit leather pieces are few & far between in ICC. Moonkin will be fighting with the other casters for crit/haste accessories in this wing. If you are having a hard time filling out your moonkin set, cloth is an acceptable alternative for things like belts & bracers. Haste is okay for some pieces, but try to pick up haste/crit over haste/spirit when you can.
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5 comments on “Resto/Moonkin loot in ICC’s Crimson Halls
  1. Jal says:

    “This wing is light on leather, and crit leather pieces are few & far between in ICC. Moonkin will be fighting with the other casters for crit/haste accessories in this wing.”

    At risk of losing my claim to panzerkin status, sounds like another reason balance specs should be able to Need roll cloth.

  2. Hamlet says:

    A few things I think are important:

    1) Calling the crit/haste pieces “hybrid” and the crit/Spirit “Moonkin pieces” is a bit misleading. People will think the “hybrid” is somehow unideal for Moonkin, while those are actually the real prizes. Spirit/haste is also often as good (or slightly better) for Moonkin as Spirit/crit.

    2) Shoulders of Frost-Tipped Thorns are more than a good item “if you’re not going for set bonuses.” They’re the only leather 25-man drop with haste in a slot where the T10 Resto piece has crit. This makes it the best 4T10+1 offset piece.

    3) Resto Druids really shouldn’t be looting Shadow Silk Spindle. It’s BIS for nearly all casters in the raid, while we have Sundial of Eternal Dusk, which is better.

  3. Lissanna says:

    Good points.

  4. Evestar says:

    Incarnadine Band of Mending is NOT a Moonkin ring, the Mp5 is completely wasted unless you are a purely hybrid build or have to swap back trees and share same gear, only after all other healers have should moonkins consider this. The ring of the 1st ICC boss with spirit and crit is far better optimized for Moonkin.

    Valanar’s Other Signet Ring, is probably going to be a high priority ring for mages, warlocks and shadow priests. Because of the Moonkin haste capping this ring should be only considered if you really need the hit and will be swapping out a piece of haste gear and need to maintain cap. Obviously every guild has their own loot system, though given our caps the rings here are just not that great for Moonkin.

    my 2 cents.

  5. Lissanna says:

    It’s not really a “best in slot” list, but more of an overview of what is available in the wing. People should take into account what is in the other wings before deciding what gear they want or not.


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