is looking for a resto/balance druid writer just finished hiring priest & hunter column writers. However, hidden at the bottom of their welcome post for the new columnists is a note about looking for a resto & balance druid columnist. From following their application posts, here are my thoughts & some info I’ve been able to gather from the post:

It looks like Allison Robert is NOT leaving.  Instead, Allison is going to keep writing about feral (cat & bear) in the Shifting Perspectives column. It looks like what they want someone else with knowledge of restoration AND balance druids to take over writing about the casting-side of druids so that she can specialize a little more.

From my perspective, Allison has done a great job of trying to keep up with all 4 specs, but it’s hard to specialize in 4 different & unique roles – especially in a weekly column. So, having two druid columnists break up the specs means that we can get more quality information more often for each spec (since there would likely be 2 druid columns being posted every week). It would be great to see a druid with knowledge of both restoration & moonkin casting specs being able to focus on a column just for caster druids, rather than having Allison having to split attention between so many different specs for every article (or going a month without having an article actually apply to your specialized spec).

According to their post, they are also looking for a Holy Paladin columnist, UI columnist, and a Lore columnist.

I think they may be willing to take someone who has more knowledge of one than the other, so if you are more focused on one of the two specs, that shouldn’t stop you from thinking about applying. You can always work on learning more about that second spec to be able to write about it, too (but don’t plan on just writing about one of the two specs all the time & neglecting the other spec completely!). I know that the druid blogging community has a LOT of great people who would be qualified for this position (though you don’t even have to be a blogger to apply!). Whoever takes over this position can still rely on the rest of the druid community for support. You will need to write about both PvE and PvP things, but people who are weaker in one domain can do research for articles in the other domain.

Since my blog speaks to both resto & moonkin druids, I wanted to advertise this position so that all my readers know that it’s available. This is a great opportunity for druids who meet the application criteria, which you can learn more about here. Good luck to everyone who applies!

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11 comments on “ is looking for a resto/balance druid writer
  1. Keredria says:

    I saw that article and the first person I thought of that could talk to both resto and boomkin was you. I hope you are applying!

  2. Surmy says:

    Will you be putting your name in the hat? Your one of the best blogger(not just druid!) that i’ve seen around, you’d be a great addition to their team.

  3. Lissanna says:

    I’m not sure if I can apply or not, due to starting on my dissertation soon among other factors. I’d end up having to neglect this blog a lot more & sacrifice other things to be able to do that. My grad school funding source also makes secondary employment a lot harder. I’m thinking about it, but I don’t know if it’s the right time for me to be taking on other responsibilities.

  4. Ardol says:

    You were the first person I thought of, as well, but real life should always take priority over WoW and WoW-related activities. Good luck with your dissertation.

  5. aramis says:

    LOL….yay! I’m not alone in the “Lissanna4Retokin Prez!” campaign!

    I was toying with the notion of applying, but then I sat and thought “well, if I did as much, I would constantly be scouring the net for a consensus on all things to talk about the community and this site would be the best source” and I would be constantly citing as a resource. So then I was like, nope shouldn’t apply but Lissanna sure should!

    But if you have RL responsibilities, by all means don’t add on to the stresses. I think we all figured that you post frequently enough by’s standards that you could just copy and paste what you write for and post it here, you know, two birds, one stone kind of deal.

    I think I might still apply, being confident in my healing-slash-pewpew abilities, heh. Who knows. I still vote for Lissanna! 😀

  6. aramis says:

    ^oops…”LIssanna4ReStokin Prez!” that is. 😀

  7. Lissanna says:

    Armis, if you applied & won, I’d be happy to help you in your adventure. 😉

  8. Kate says:

    Ah-hah! Makes the chance for those of us who are going to apply easier – I’ve been wanting to start a blog of my own for a while but keep thinking “but Restokin and TreeBarkJacket cover everything I want to say!”. But this column sounds like a chance – we’ll see what they think of my app.

  9. Poras says:

    i was toying with the idea of applying too, but like aramis and kate said, your blog covers everything i think about so i’d be citing it a lot. i dont blog openly, but i talk a bunch of theory crafting to friends and post thoughts on my guild’s forums every so often. as raid lead, i’m always trying to find new ways and rotations to make things work… so, like kate said, we’ll see what they think of my application. ^_^

    — Poras

  10. Lissanna says:

    @Poras & all – Like I said, I’m happy to assist people with info & testing if needed. I would love to be able to write for, but my dissertation is going to consume a lot of time over the next year or so, and I would probably have to stop blogging here if I wrote for that column (not enough time for both & the blog would suffer a lot). So, at this point, I think I’m choosing to keep this resource here and just write for my blog; rather than spreading myself too thin or having to be under writing deadlines. While it looks like I have tons of free time, I spend every last free second writing stuff for here.

    You don’t have to know everything in the world about the class/specs to start at A lot of what you can spend time doing in the first couple months is researching. Bloggers are always happy when posts give them more traffic! There are also dozens of really great druid writers & I think there will be a lot of really great applicants for that position. I spend a lot of time linking to info I found in other resources (including Alison’s posts on!). It’s fun to be able to build off each other as part of a community, and I look forward to being able to read the new druid writer’s posts!

  11. Kiliani says:

    Heh… I considered it as well – I love to write, and I have been a blogger for years, although I don’t blog about the game. Unfortunately, although I spent all of BC raiding as resto and all of WOTLK so far raiding as balance (with a resto/tank alt), I still feel like an utter noob sometimes, and I’d have a dickens of a time coming up with TOPICS. I don’t mind borrowing from resources (this, TMR, Gray Matter, Relevart’s, Tree Bark Jacket, et al) for facts and theorycrafting, but coming up with ideas of what to share in the first place? Hopeless. 😛


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