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I recently volunteered to help be a moderator at Blog Azeroth, along with a handful of other people. So, now, it’s not just one person burdened with keeping the forum community going, but now there is a whole team of people helping!  It’s nice to see that Phaelia’s BA community keeps growing every day!  If you are a new blogger, you can post in the Introduction forums and then get started on posting about other topics!

One good thing about Blog Azeroth is that there is a weekly shared topic, so that when you get stuck on what to write about, you can choose one of the topics there and do a post for it. One of these topics is on Warm fuzzies from positive random dungeon experiences. Only… not this kind of warm fuzzies:

These two new super adorable plushies just went live in the Blizzard store (with in-game non-combat vanity pet also available when you buy the plushies). However, that’s not the kind of warm fuzzies I’m supposed to be talking about today.

No, instead, he is asking about positive experiences you have in random dungeons, since most people only post about negative experiences they have had.

The most positive experiences I’ve had is running into people I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to run with in-game. I’ve run into several people I knew, and several people recognized me from my blog.

Getting randomly put into a dungeon with people you know from other servers on your battlegroup can be a lot of fun and totally unexpected.

Other than that, positive dungeon experiences seem to not really be that memorable. The best heroic random runs with PUGs tend to be the ones that go smoothly, where nothing out of the ordinary actually happens, and you are going to be unlikely to want to blog about something totally ordinary happening. Instead, people tend to dwell on the negative experiences because they stand out, and actually end up being a deviation from the norm. I think that overall, people have more positive experiences in random dungeons, but all those positive experiences usually don’t get translated into something worth blogging about.

I also tend to do a lot of partial guild runs, where we may pick up 1 or 2 PUG players, rather than having all the other people be PUGs, so my most positive experiences tend to be with my guild members or friends that I’m having fun instancing with. However, since I’ve been running the heroics so frequently for so long, it’s hard to talk about a singular positive event that has been better than the others.

Pugs also tend to not talk to each other much at all, so that makes it particularly hard to have super positive conversations with them. With the exception of people who I recognized, or who recognized me, I haven’t been spending a lot of time talking to the random people from random servers, almost to the point where sometimes I try to talk & start up conversations, which may or may not actually work.  However, for as much as I cry to my guild about not wanting to PUG, I’ve actually had primarily good experiences with PUGs and the random dungeon system. I’m actually really happy that they put in the random dungeon system, and that they made it so easy to get those groups going. I think that’s why I’ve been able to have so many positive experiences that none of them stand out in my mind.

What about you guys? If you are bloggers, you can write about your positive experiences with the dungeon system on your blog and post it on the BA shared topic!

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9 comments on “BA shared topic: Warm fuzzies?
  1. Lavata says:

    And they will be ordered for you when I get home from work. LoL

  2. I think as humans we tend to be wired towards the annoyances. (Think back on school. Do the good or the bad teachers stand out? For me its the bad ones.) And heaven knows I’ve posted enough of the crappy runs on my own blog, but there have been several good runs too.

    And I think you’re right about the smooth runs being boring, and therefore unmemorable. The Really Good runs I remember are the ones where something went wrong, but where folks were mature enough to not /nerdragequit and we stuck it out and persevered.

    And while I’m all for quiet efficiency, those runs are BORING. >_>

  3. Lissanna says:

    @Lavata lol. <3

  4. Alleynah says:

    I basically agree with theGnomeDruid (is there such an animal??). One of the most fun randoms I was on was 2 hours trying to do PoS on my lock (don’t worry my main is a boomie). If it wasn’t for the fact that it was my frostie run of the day I might have bailed before I got to know the charming idiots who were the other players. But, I hung around, we had a bunch of fun failing, failing, and then finally succeeding and in the process voting out tanks filled with nerdrage, and fortunately finaly replacing them with a mellow grownup who realizes that it is just a game.

    The no muss no fuss runs are imminently forgettable, and perhaps the most conversation is a “good run ty” at the end…if that.

    The fail groups are memorable unfortunately, and it is often not because of abilities but because of attitude. I know that people are hiding behind the anonimity of a computer, which releases inhibitions and enables them to act in ways that they would not dream of doing if they were face-to-face (or at least I hope not). All I can say is…there is always the vote to kick option.

    On a final note, the randoms have been beneficial in other ways. I have learnt how to play well with other classes, especially tanks (our guild is primarily pally and warrior tanks). Before the randoms I had had no experience of DK or bear tanks. I have learnt other strategies for heroics than our guild had used. The “oh, so it can be done this way” moments have been fairly frequent. And…I finally got over my fear of PUGing and my perky pug can scooch his butt through the fish feast to his heart’s content.

  5. Dothraki says:

    Did a random a couple weeks ago with three other guildies. We were short a dps so we got one via LFD. The random was UP and the pug told us she never did UP before- just hit 80 couple days prior. She asked that we were patient with her ( apparently she had been kicked out of some othe randoms because of gear and dps ). We told her no worries.. everyone has to learn sometimes. We explained each boss fight, gave her some pointers on how to up her dps, and made sure to get her some the UP achievements. She also was able to use some of the loot that dropped. She was very thankful at the end of the run.

    It felt good knowing that we could give someone a positive experience when prior to that the LFD had been a nightmare.

  6. Mushu says:

    The good runs that stand out for me are when we are all obviously playing bored and half-assed and something goes wrong and suddenly everyone springs into action and saves the group from wiping. I like those rare runs because you see how everyone moves and how they suddenly play differently in order to save the run.

    I’ve remarked to myself how obvious it is that we were all seasoned raiders; using CDs properly; boomys rooting a melee mob, brezzing the healer & innervating them & then off-healing; hunters purposefully peeling off a mob from a clothy from across the room and then FDing to give tank a chance to finish up; doing things out of the ordinary with the sole purpose to not wipe. It’s refreshing and exciting and rare when those runs happen.

    On a side note, I always drop group when I see that I am the only odd-member in a party where everyone else is in the same guild. I have never had a good run when that happens. They are 100% the rudest and meanest players, always chatting in gchat which I can’t see and complaining when I didn’t do something they wanted, and in many cases extreme n00bs that cause wipe after wipe on trash. So while I applaud your good runs when it is you and three of your guildies, for me being the 5th person has never worked out. Guess I have to rethink dropping now that it will soon be a 30 minute CD. 🙁

  7. Gyspy says:

    I’m a sucker for cute, as crotchety as I am most of the time. When these stupid plushies went on sale, I bought them both, immediately, without thinking about how I haven’t gotten my tax return yet and how I have payments to make on my car and other bills.

  8. Angelya says:

    Omg they are super-adorable 🙂

    I find the best random runs are those where people actually speak to each other, where they don’t drop group at a moment’s notice when something goes wrong, where they call each other by their character name instead of class name (“res me, druid” – ohhh that really annoys me), and where people thank each other at the end of the run for a job well done.

    A bit of politeness, that’s what gives me the warm fuzzy 🙂

  9. Intravax says:

    I don’t have time to raid, unfortunately, but I have had time to get 3 toons to 80 and maxed out on what they can get with badge gear. I’m seeing more friendly people since ICC is now open entirely so raiders can get their frosties that way and not need to PuG so much anymore. I still ocassionally see the 71pt talent tree players but most people now will be respectful or at least polite and a thankyou is usually always present at the end.


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