Elder Lissanna finishes her long strange trip

Last year I was too busy to finish honoring all my elders for the Lunar Festival. So, it ended up being the last holiday that I needed to finish What a Long Strange Trip It’s been. So, I trekked all over Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Northrend, and dungeons across the land. Finally, I finished the Lunar festival achievements, earning myself the title of Elder. At the same time, I also finished What a Long Strange Trip!

I got my violet proto-drake, which I showed off on the landing in Dalaran. Then, I remembered something that my character would have wanted to do after earning that big of an achievement. So, here’s Lissanna’s rendition of what happened next:

After completing my holiday celebrations, I returned to moonglade, what is usually my sanctuary away from the struggles of Northrend. What is usually a place of meditation and my connection to nature is now a festival ground for all of Azeroth to celebrate their elders. Since I had been awarded the title of Elder, I saw it fitting that I should go out to my home land, so that people could come to honor me. I went to my favorite place beside my friend Loganaar, where we can train young druids together. I started off training a young druid by showing him how to return back to Darnassus after he first learned how to come to my sacred home. However, I can not stay here for long, since there is little time to rest while the Lich King is still allowed to terrorize the frozen lands of Northrend and threaten all of Azeroth. The time of resting will soon come to an end and I will return when I am called to battle.

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11 comments on “Elder Lissanna finishes her long strange trip
  1. Kae says:

    Whoo hoo! Congrats on your (pinkish) drake!!

  2. Wild Colors says:

    Grats! 10 more months to go for those of us who were too lazy to do any of the holidays last year…

  3. Brent says:

    Grats! I finally got mine done too, though having the Iron-Bound Proto-Drake reduced my squee for it. Flight Form at 310% is quite a nice thing though.

  4. Angelya says:

    Oooo congrats 🙂

    The running all over the world thing is a pain, isn’t it :-/

  5. Poras says:

    grats, liss!

    enjoy your 310% bird form now 😀

    — Poras

  6. Chezza says:


  7. Faetal says:

    Grats 🙂 Just got mine tonight as well. Had my guildies all shoot off rockets as I bought the dress (which was the last achievement that I needed) so that the screenshots would look awesome!

  8. Avoran says:

    Grats on that! Certainly have a heck of a lot more patience than I do! 🙂

  9. aramis says:

    Gratz!…Noblegarden and “School of Hard Knocks” left to go for me! /sigh

  10. buff says:

    huge grats on your drake and keep up the good work with the blog. i love reading it

  11. Myrdin says:

    I not an RPer and never will be, but I did enjoy your conclusion. Cheers!


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