Monthly Archives: February 2010

Elder Lissanna finishes her long strange trip

Last year I was too busy to finish honoring all my elders for the Lunar Festival. So, it ended up being the last holiday that I needed to finish What a Long Strange Trip It’s been. So, I trekked all over Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Northrend, and dungeons across the land. Finally, I finished the Lunar […]

Can moonkin be fixed before Cata?

Okay, so Ghostcrawler has posted in multiple balance druid threads in the damage dealing forum in the last week. He shot down two ideas (ie. a glyph for wrath haste scaling, and Owlkin Frenzy buffs). He seems to be paying attention to moonkin, and to changes that will come before Cataclysm, but there doesn’t seem […]

Scholomance has a roof? Elders in hard to reach places

The lunar festival is the last one that I need to finish off for my meta achievement. While I’d participated in this holiday a little bit before, I had never explored and gotten all the elders. So, in my quest for Elders, I discovered that some of them hide in hard to reach places. The […]

Blog Spotlight: Revive & Rejuvenate

So, today is the “big reveal” for the Secret Admirer project. The blog that I was assigned to stalk all weekend was Angelya from Revive & Rejuvenate. Over the course of the weekend, I’ve gotten to know her blog a little better. First, she’s a druid blogger, who started writing in December.  She seems to […]