Patch 3.3.2 – Moonkin fixes

Okay, so moonkin are getting some attention in the 3.3.2 patch.

The main patch note for moonkin is:

Earth and Moon: This talent now increases the druid’s spell damage by 2/4/6%, up from 1/2/3%.

What this means is that moonkin’s DPS should come out 2.91% better. This change has no effect on the debuff that gives the whole raid 13% damage. It effects only the moonkin’s damage directly. This is a straight buff, which is good. It doesn’t address any underlying problems for moonkin, however we didn’t really expect major changes. This is actually the best way to address moonkin’s damage falling behind, as they didn’t just buff Eclipse again. 😉

Moonkin Tier 10 – 4 piece bonus

While I don’t have the set piece yet, a handful of other moonkin have. They reported that it was having a high amount of resists (above and beyond what is a normal resist amount). It was verified that the bug was that Languish was being treated as a level 1 spell. The patch note for it reads: Fixed a bug to allow for this bonus to properly trigger. This should (hopefully) mean that it should stop having resist problems, so that it will actually become a decent set bonus again.

PvP changes for everyone

They are changing the way that resilience works (to reduce the amount of damage done in pvp), however they are also reducing the amount of healing done in PvP by 10%. Since I don’t pvp, I’m not really able to analyze these changes. My bet is that it’s not going to change druid balance compared to other classes all that much, if at all.

Walk faster!

They also made some improvements to 5-man dungeons such as:

Brann Bronzebeard has been getting into shape and now feels comfortable walking faster when escorted.

Yes! Take those exercise classes! Even with all the moonkin buffs, this is by far my favorite patch note, because it shows that the patch note writers have a sense of humor. 🙂

If anything else is discovered that didn’t make it into the notes, I’ll update as needed.

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3 comments on “Patch 3.3.2 – Moonkin fixes
  1. Treeboi says:

    I think you meant to say: “Since I don’t pvp”.

    And while I agree that the resilience change will not affect moonkin representation in arenas, at all, it will have a huge effect on resto druids.

    I predict that this season, you will commonly see resto druids and affliction warlocks as 2/3rds of a 3s arena team.

  2. Lissanna says:

    I hate when those pesky words run away from me, lol

  3. aramis says:

    Well I played around in WG to test out the new changes.


    I have no words. Only actions: /sigh

    I’m not going to cry though, I saw the changes coming awhile ago. I blame hunters.


    Seriously though, I blame hunters. They are the biggest example of the reason why they buffed res, nerfed heals (a weird balancing act): pvping with PVE gear for the insane dps bonus. Not just at the beginning of getting pvp geared…haha, no….we’re talking hunters in arena with the ABILITY to have and get pvp gear, passing it over because PVE gear dps was “so delicious” (hehe, gotta refer to my favorite HoR boss!). Clearly, they aren’t the only ones to do this. A handful of successful rogues did this, and some casters (mostly Shadow Priests – the FEW that did arena), but mostly it was hunters.

    Like seriously…I’ve been ganked in full furious/relentless gear in two shots by a PVE-sportin Huntard. It was nuts…it’s like I had NO res at all.

    The healing nerf is only (allegedly) to offset the buff in res – since apparently Blizz thinks that if a player in pvp gear is resisting damage and taking less of it more often, then the heals won’t need to be as powerful (though, ten percent, to me, is probably a bit much).

    I did notice the healing difference in my PVP fights yesterday (as I’m desperately trying to finish grinding for the few Wrathful pieces I’m able to buy at the moment without a rating…don’t know how long that will last). But I did notice it took a lot more people to take me down (so, uhm…yay?). My initial assessment is that it’s neither good nor bad. But once my partner and I get doing in arena, I’ll have another assessment to parlay.


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