Scholomance has a roof? Elders in hard to reach places

The lunar festival is the last one that I need to finish off for my meta achievement. While I’d participated in this holiday a little bit before, I had never explored and gotten all the elders.

So, in my quest for Elders, I discovered that some of them hide in hard to reach places. The hardest one for me to find was the one outside of Scholomance. It’s not inside the instance. It’s not beyond the locked door. It’s actually on top of Scholomance outside… For as many times as I ran instances there, I don’t ever remember going up to the roof. I don’t remember ever noticing the doorway that led up there. I didn’t ever realize that building had a roof. I spent probably 10 minutes trying to figure out how to get to that elder.  When you go into the first hallway to get to the entrance, instead of going inside the locked door on the left, you turn RIGHT and wind your thru some confusing hallways and up some stairs. Then, you eventually end up on the roof of Scholomance.  Why an elder would want to stand up there, I have no idea.

I hope you guys have a good holiday, and that you are able to honor all your elders in those hard to reach places! In general, the right answer to “where is the elder”? Is “up there somewhere”. I think they’re trying to be closer to the sky.

I’ve been following the coordinates from the lunar festival guide. The coordinates are pretty easy to follow if you have some sort of coordinate addon (I downloaded ct map mod just for the event). Wowhead also has a neat guide for the lunar festival with all the locations mapped out for the elders.

I got through all of Eastern Kingdoms, and I got bored when I started Kalimdor. Sometime before the end of this holiday, I’ll finally be able to complete “What a long, strange trip” meta-achievement to get my drake. However, like last year, I’m pretty busy over this part of the semester, so it’s going to get dragged out a bit…

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12 comments on “Scholomance has a roof? Elders in hard to reach places
  1. Tympanic says:

    I have one achievement to go for my meta, and it’s from Children’s Week. May cannot come soon enough, though I am not looking forward to doing that PvP achievement with my orphan.

  2. Anobaoth says:

    I’ve started to get my hiking boots on and try and do this again this year. I’ve used tekkub’s Tourguide addon previously, so search for a Lunar Festival guide and, hey presto, there was one. Now, I get a set of tips, with step by step co-ords and even a big TomTom arrow to point me in the right direction.

    The only problem is that the Tourguide Addon seems to have disappeared from Curse and from Wowinterface, which is strange (and a real shame, luckily I’ve already got it installed)…

  3. Ardol says:

    Something I am doing that is helpful is to do something productive while you are flying on flight paths or waiting for your hearthstone to cooldown. (I set mine for someplace convenient when I knew I’d be going for an elder far away from any flight point, like the one in Silverpine Forest.) I got about a page of a paper done while working on the Eastern Kingdoms. It’s better than nothing, and getting the achievement didn’t take much longer.

  4. Vidyala says:

    I remember doing that same thing last year! “Where is… what the… The roof?” But because I have a tendency to stray, I did know that it had a roof, just never expected the Elder to be up there.

    Early congratulations on your purple proto, that’s a big deal!

  5. aramis says:

    OMG!!!! I just went through this yesterday, what a crazy random happenstance.

    I was like “where the EFF is this dude at?! I see the ‘!’ on my minimap!”

    A guildy was like, “The roof, maybe?”

    “We have access to the roof?! From where?!”

    So we walked in, and sure enough…we went RIGHT instead of LEFT (to go into the instance) and there it was…access to the roof.

    I was laughing…”Dude! I didn’t know you could do this! I’ve been coming here a lot these last few months to farm Argent Dawn rep.”

    Speaking of hard to get Elders…

    Wintergrasp… /sigh Enough. Said.

    Proudmoore Horde has WG, maybe ONCE a week (and it has happened where we didn’t have it all), and only at like 2a.m. Point in fact, this morning we had it. I woke up in the middle of the night to get water and and stared at my computer, “I should just give one little peek.” And we had it, so I got both my toons in there to grab the elder because WG was in progress and Alli was already breaking through the VoA Keep door.

    I’ll have Noblegarden and that ONE PVP achievement from Children’s Week. The only part I dread in that achievement is the Warsong Gulch one. Getting a flag return period has been challenging enough lately. I don’t know why. Maybe it will get better in May.

  6. Lissanna says:

    ya, I feel bad for the horde on my server. They almost never have WG.

  7. Maor says:

    I like the random flight master on the eastern edge of the Western Plaguelands. Found him while doing the Elders.

  8. Kliev says:

    I have fond memories of wanting to run Scholo when nobody had a key. The trick was that if you could die near the door, you could res inside the door and open it for everyone. So we’d draw straws for who had to run up to the roof and jump off it about 15 times until the fall damage killed them and they could let us in.

  9. Intravax says:

    Scholomance was easy. I hate having to run thru Maraudon for the dungeon elder. I could get several other elders in the time it takes to even get to that one.

  10. Razor says:

    I’ve been on that roof many times, mon! Actually, I think I found my way up there by mistake the first time I was in the area 😉

  11. Kasdingo says:

    There is actually a quest giver up there that most people have never done. To see him you need the spectral essence trinket that allows you to see the ghosts outside of Scholomance.

    Too bad, it’s a neat questline.

  12. COLDBEAR says:

    that’s kinda funny

    never knew scholo had a roof either

    and never cared for events like this with achievements and whatnot, but that’s cool!


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