Turkey Love is in the air

So, the Love is in the Air holiday started over the weekend.

For info on how to do the holiday quests and such, there is a great deal of info on other sites (like wow.com). Instead of writing yet another guide, I thought I’d have a little more fun.

First, apparently, love is in the air even for the turkeys & rabbits of the world. The Spring Rabbit holiday pet can apparently fall in love (and mate with) the Thanksgiving turkey pets. We found this out in our raid, when I couldn’t figure out why my turkey was going so crazy. The rabbit stopped having hearts over it’s head & making baby bunnies when I put my turkey back into it’s stable. It’s actually fun to see pets interacting with each other.

Also, if you want another new pet, you can head over to SFK and summon the new boss encounter out there, and learn the meaning of “tough love”.

I don’t have the meta-achievement yet for this holiday yet, so I still have a few things left to do that I didn’t finish last year. I like the new version of this holiday. They took out a lot of the randomness of the “love is in the air” holiday, and made it just come down to doing daily quests (or killing random mobs if you want to speed up your token acquisition).

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3 comments on “Turkey Love is in the air
  1. Ravenia says:

    If you are looking to get a ton of quick Lovely charms just make a 10m ulduar raid and get in a tank. Just sit at the bottom of the ramp and kill dwarves. Took me about 15m to get 65 stacks.

  2. aramis says:

    LOL…someone beat me to the suggestion!

    I think that actually might be a bug, but until it gets fixed, might as well take advantage. I already have the title, so I made about 500g selling them in the AH for the lazies that didn’t want to farm. Heh.

  3. aramis says:

    Yeap…it’s officially “fixed”…the Ulduar thing.

    Ah, how quickly a good thing dies, lol.



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