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Moonkin blue post roundup

So, there have been 2 posts by Ghostcrawler recently about moonkin druids. I wasn’t going to post on either of them individually, but I think having 2 blue posts gives enough “meat” to analyze. The first talked about Eclipse (again), and said mostly what we already knew. However, it was nice to see it re-phrased and to be remembered. I’ll highlight what I think is the most important part:

The problem with Eclipse (as I’ve stated many times, so I find the comments that we won’t address the issue to be a trifle unfair) is that it now accounts for so much of Balance’s damage that the random element can be punishing. Having to shift positions right when you get a proc should be a little bit of a bummer on the level of missing a few crits in a row, and not a devastating blow to your dps.

We’re keeping Eclipse, but the Cataclysm version is a pretty radical overhaul that we hope to be able to reveal soon. It removes a lot of the random element.

So, there will be something named Eclipse, that likely makes us go back and forth between nature & arcane spells, but we don’t know what the full Cata rotation will look like for moonkin. We don’t know what the “pretty radical overhaul” will look like. So, this will be a change worth looking forward to. You can also be pretty sure that what it looks like in Beta for Cataclysm may not even remain what hits the live servers, so it may take a couple tries to get everything to work (so if you don’t like the new one at first, that’s okay, too – it’s all part of the process). Believe it or not, the very first version of Eclipse was a random proc with a 30 second buff and about a 3 minute cooldown (so, it would randomly proc when you didn’t need it and then wouldn’t be up when you did). He has also mentioned before in previous posts that Eclipse did too much damage and was likely to change, so this is more a reconfirmation of things we knew would be coming. Personally, I’m hoping for a version that buffs ALL nature or all arcane spells, so that our DOTs would benefit & scale when we cast them with Eclipse up, rather than having to worry about whether or not our DOTs are a DPS increase at higher gear levels in Cata like we are right now. However, that may be too radical of a change beyond what they are looking to do.

The second post was about my new favorite spell: Starfall. The Eclipse post wasn’t enough new info for it’s own post. However, I wanted to emphasize the starfall post to address some concerns people have had: the spell hasn’t changed since hitting the live servers on the 3.3.3 patch.

At some point I posted some numbers for Starfall since there hadn’t been a PTR build in some time and druids were chomping at the bit to figure out just how much damage it was going to do. The numbers we went with for 3.3.3 were slightly lower than that if I recall correctly, but we haven’t made any changes to Starfall since the patch went live. The live Starfall numbers are still much higher than they were in 3.3.

I can confirm that the live starfall numbers are significantly higher than what they were pre-patch, and they have a significant impact on my own personal DPS. So, as of now, there’s been no nerfs on the live servers (yay!). The theorycrafters on EJ found that the PTR to Live difference was only a 7% coefficient for the main star. This difference was only maybe 100 or 200 damage per star between the anticipated buff and what we got, which I consider to be pretty trivial, since it took several days for people to even bother checking, and it still hits like a truck). The resulting starfall buff was still very significant. My damage in 5-mans and raids has shot up quite a bit due to starfall accounting for ~15% of my damage (up from ~3% or less usually), even for single-target fights. I find that I feel more balanced compared to other classes, and I feel less like I’m struggling to hang on (like I was pre-patch).

I have also found that starfall makes me like PvP more. I’ve been joining battlegrounds in my full PvE gear (which tricks gearscore mods, lol), and then suicide-bombing horde (and dieing a lot). Since a big starfalling moonkin kinda works like a PvP taunt, I draw everyone’s attention and distract them long enough for my team to catch up. I found that this strategy actually worked pretty effectively at distracting the horde flag runners in WSG. One-on-one, I don’t have enough resilience to survive, so I work to actually be part of the team in the battleground PvP to save my own neck. I haven’t had this much fun with PvP since probably when treants first came out and felt really powerful. I haven’t really had fun with PvP for most of WotLK, but way back in Vanilla, I did nothing but organized group PvP for like an entire month one time. So, it’s fun to go into the BG’s with the new random BG system with a spell that actually can do substantial damage to the hordies, rather than just being a free HK or having to heal my way through it.

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Like a rat in the maze: LOTRO spring festival

I would post about WOW today, but I’ve spent most of the last week stuck in a maze in LOTRO-land. This is the time of the spring festival in LotRO.

It’s actually a literal maze:

You wind your way through the maze and do various activities, such as looking for lost people, posting confusing signs, catching chickens, and of course – trying to escape.

It’s not a simple task, but it feels an aweful lot like being a rat in some sort of experiment, since they blur the maze on your mini-map, so you can’t even use a map to help guide you. At this point, I’ve started to memorize the maze layout (since it’s the same every time), so I’m starting to be pretty good at it.

If you didn’t think that was enough, you can also stomp shrews in a giant pit with a bunch of other people, trying to scramble and get to the buggers before everyone else with the same goal. This only works in the game because the servers here are a lot less crowded than WOW. It’s actually a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be, and if you stomp a couple hundred shrews over the course of the event, then you get a fun title as a reward. You also earn tokens that let you buy things from participating in their “games.” I’ve spent them on fun stuff to put in my in-game house, but you can get clothing and food stuff, too. What I want to say is that – if you thought WoW’s holidays were a sick and twisted way to torture you, it’s nothing compared to the even more sick & twisted ways that LotRO gets us to do really silly things.

There is also one that requires you to get drunk and then walk across the top of a fence (that is windy and requires you to jump in several places), where if you fall off the fence, you lose & have to start over. After spending about an hour trying to drunk-walk across a fence, it made me miss WoW an aweful lot (and made me question what the heck I was doing, lol). I eventually gave up on the drunken fence-walk quest.

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Conspiracy recruitment open for Healers & Tanks!

UPDATED 4/5/2010

My guild, Conspiracy, Alliance, on Elune, is recruiting all class/roles. We lost a few of our core raiders, and we are accepting applications for healers, DPS, and tanks to build our numbers back up again. Right now, we’re looking for tanks & ranged DPS the most, but any interested person should apply!

About Conspiracy:

  • Semi-casual raiding guild on the Elune Server (Ruin Battle Group). Our sever is alliance-heavy, with a really active PvE environment.
  • Now accepting applications for all classes/specs/roles. We are definitely looking for tanks & ranged DPS (ie. mage, moonkin, elemental shaman, hunter, etc).
  • Raids 25-man ICC 2 days a week: Wednesdays & Thursdays at 8:00 – 11:30 pm EST.
  • Raids 10-man ICC 1 day a week: Sundays at 8:00 – 11:30 pm EST.
  • Friendly atmosphere & a really fun group to play with.
  • We have killed 10/12 in ICC 10-man, 8/12 in ICC 25-man (Making steady progress towards the Lich King).
  • You get to hang out in guild chat with me!
  • Conspiracy is a more mature atmosphere, which is why I’m happy to call it my home. Less drama, more friendship!

For info about the guild & how to apply to the guild, please see Conspiracy’s forums by clicking here.

You can also contact me by e-mail if I’m not in-game ([email protected]) if you have questions you want me to answer. You can also look for our officers in-game (Lauraya, Amairei, Lyghtnin, Lissanna).

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Fun with starfall

Dear Starfall,

I’m glad you don’t suck anymore. I have been waiting a long time for this day. Now, when stars fall from the sky, they actually do more than tickle!

<3 Lissanna

So, last night, I was able to do some DPS in a raid for the first time since starfall was buffed with the latest patch. I’m running with the moonfire, starfire, starfall glyph set, and I think it is working out well for me.

I have to say that starfall felt powerful for those 10 seconds it was up, and then I’d go back to not feeling as powerful for the next 50 seconds until the cooldown was back up again. So, over the course of the fight, it was a DPS increase, but nothing really amazing. It looked really cool on trash mobs, though – and my guild played a game called “watch how much damage it does on huge AOE packs”!

Starfall did more damage over the course of the night than my DOTs (moonfire & insect swarm combined!). They also make my treant damage look pale in comparison, but I also don’t pop trees on trash mobs & such, so it’s harder to interpret.

Here’s a glimpse of the overall spell % break down that I took at some point.

This has hurricane at 13% (for all the AOE packs), and then Starfall at 21% overall. This is collapsed across AOE & boss fights, though. I don’t have one saved from a boss fight (and I don’t have a WoL report for last night), but Starfall was making up probably an average of 15% of my damage on boss fights, and definitely making my contribution from moonfire/starfire look small in comparison. It also makes my treant damage look small on boss fights, as I don’t use treants on trash normally. I think these % breakdowns are also more interesting than total DPS breakdowns, since Skada is less reliable than WoL. Also, typhoon was only there because I was having to slow adds on Saurfang.

All the theorycrafting math didn’t predict how much more FUN starfall was going to feel. I also wasn’t using starfall as consistently before the buff, so my starfall damage was sitting around 2% of my damage most of the time pre-buff. So, the % damage done by starfall was really a dramatic increase for me in the logs.

Close Calls of the aggro kind: I also learned yesterday that starfall will pull the adds on Rotface if you aren’t careful, and that was the one point where I almost wiped the raid with my starfall testing. I found that popping it once at the beginning and then waiting for the add to explode was the safest way to not pull threat on them (and then my DPS was higher while I was running from the explosion). It’s really the only place I ran into that problem, so long as I gave the tanks time to get threat before I unloaded my starfall fury.

On PvP: I don’t have the resilience gear necessary to test it in PvP very well, so I’m not able to speak for whether or not it worked at all in PvP. Given how little forum QQ there actually is, I’m guessing that there just aren’t enough PvP moonkin out there doing arenas for people to really have even noticed the change. However, I hear people are running into groups in WG and battlegrounds, popping starfall, watching the numbers fly, and then dieing a quick and painful death, since starfall alone doesn’t do enough to kill a group of people (it just makes them really angry). So, it’s nice, but not game-breaking in any way. I think moonkin really are the glass-cannons right now in PvP, since survivability is still low.

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