Monthly Archives: March 2010

Moonkin blue post roundup

So, there have been 2 posts by Ghostcrawler recently about moonkin druids. I wasn’t going to post on either of them individually, but I think having 2 blue posts gives enough “meat” to analyze. The first talked about Eclipse (again), and said mostly what we already knew. However, it was nice to see it re-phrased […]

Like a rat in the maze: LOTRO spring festival

I would post about WOW today, but I’ve spent most of the last week stuck in a maze in LOTRO-land. This is the time of the spring festival in LotRO. It’s actually a literal maze: You wind your way through the maze and do various activities, such as looking for lost people, posting confusing signs, […]

Conspiracy recruitment open for Healers & Tanks!

UPDATED 4/5/2010 My guild, Conspiracy, Alliance, on Elune, is recruiting all class/roles. We lost a few of our core raiders, and we are accepting applications for healers, DPS, and tanks to build our numbers back up again. Right now, we’re looking for tanks & ranged DPS the most, but any interested person should apply! About […]

Fun with starfall

Dear Starfall, I’m glad you don’t suck anymore. I have been waiting a long time for this day. Now, when stars fall from the sky, they actually do more than tickle! <3 Lissanna So, last night, I was able to do some DPS in a raid for the first time since starfall was buffed with […]