Druid 3.3.3 patch roundup

So, it’s patch time again. A time where all the bloggers rush to translate the patch notes into something actually useful. First, nothing changed with the resto talents or glyphs or anything.

For ALL druids–  They changed how Nature’s Grasp works, which is nice for PvP. There are changes to what you can buy with frozen orbs (yay frost lotus!), along with changes to the battlegrounds (yay!), and the random dungeon system (meh). You can see those changes on mmo-champion. I won’t go into detail about them here, but I may start doing the random daily battleground, and trading out the 12 frost orbs I have saved up for 12 frost lotus for a couple week flask supply.

For Moonkin – There are several major changes. First, starfall got a huge damage buff, which makes it more desirable both in pvp and pve. They also nerfed the glyph of focus to make it less desirable, since the starfall buff was so big. I did a write-up  a while ago on how this was effecting glyphs & our rotation. You can also find more info on Graylo’s 3.3.3 write-up for moonkin.

moonkin glyph & rotation summary: You will want to glyph for moonfire, starfire, & starfall. This means that moonfire should still be part of your rotation (and you should use Insect Swarm for the -3% hit debuff, anyway). People who are in lower tiers of gear (ie. not ICC gear) should be refreshing both DOTs on the target all the time. People decked out in ICC gear get to use a combination of Elitist Jerks threads, along with Murmur’s WoW.com posts, and other resources, to really figure it out for yourself. The one thing I know for sure is that when to cast dots is complicated, and Eclipse RNG is going to have a bigger impact than mastering the perfect DOT rotation, except maybe at the absolute highest (ie. hard-mode ICC 25-man) gear levels. I really hope they buff our DOTs soon so that they will be a more obvious DPS increase for everyone. All the links I posted above should help you sort through it all.

Feral is for Yay mangle buffs! They changed mangle to have a much longer duration, so if you are just using it for the debuff that it applies to the target, you now only have to refresh it 1 time per minute (yay!). However, they also changed the glyph to be a 10% damage increase to mangle, which may lead some people to want to mangle more often. The mangle glyph is probably more desirable to bears as a threat generator, or for leveling kitties who don’t get to shred very much. Yes, leveling kitties really want the new mangle glyph after they get mangle, since leveling for a while can be a lot of lawl mangle spam. However, for dungeons and raids at all, particularly ICC fights, shred is still going to do more damage than a mangle-focused build & rotation. The fluid druid covered the feral changes in one of his posts. So, no mangle-focused end-game rotation.

Conclusions: It is a pretty minor patch, and the only major shake-up is what is happening to moonkin (which is a mix of poor gear scaling along with an unexpected buff to starfall).

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9 comments on “Druid 3.3.3 patch roundup
  1. Fladondris says:

    As a Moonkin that has been specced for aoe since hitting 80 so long ago I am very pleased with the starfall buff. I’ve changed out my glyphs accordingly and am anticipating at least a few hundred more dps now. Can’t wait to clear some ICC trash and see how it looks. 🙂

  2. Chezza says:

    Hmm…wondering how the changes will affect the random dungeon system. Ran a bunch of random heroics this weekend and started getting Chezza some nice new gear 🙂
    It’s been a lot of fun since my guild is kinda inactive (oh well).

  3. Lissanna says:

    the dungeon system changes aren’t that big. They mostly just discourage leaving a dungeon early.

  4. Vidyala says:

    OK, thank you for writing this, and I am a failkin. I completely forgot about the Starfall changes (!) and now will need to lose Glyph of IS in favour of Starfall…and possibly consider whether I should be casting my DoTs or not. As I will only ever have ten-man gear, though, perhaps that counts as ‘lower gear levels’ enough to still make them worthwhile.

  5. paperclip says:

    Any feeling on the resto T10 change? Or is this just a tooltip change? I’m not really close to 4T10, so I’m not exactly sure how it works, but it seems like this could be pain if you are rolling Rejuv and have to watch to skip people.

  6. Lissanna says:

    The Resto T10 change is mostly just a tooltip wording change, not a change to functionality. The only real change seems to be that you can now cast over the set bonus rejuvs, which isn’t really a big deal. I don’t have the set bonus, but I figure that being able to refresh it on people before the set bonus one expires is probably a good thing… I’m not expecting it to impact resto play-style much at all.

  7. Alaron says:


    In one sense, this change is bad because it now lets you refresh a Rejuv (over a proc’ed Rejuv) early, which is generally a bad thing most of the time. Assuming you never accidentally refresh early, however, it’s a good change for flexibility. Hypothetically, If you need to move out of range of someone but wanted to leave a full Rejuv on them while leaving, before you couldn’t (if they had a proc’ed Rejuv), now you can.

    Rake got a similar treatment for ferals, in that you can now refresh a (proc-buffed) Rake early with a non-buffed Rake, if you choose, instead of seeing “A more powerful spell exists,” etc.

  8. Hamlet says:

    I’m pretty sure that the way things wound up, there’s no situation in which either DoT should be dropped entirely. They do both have substantially lower uptimes than we’re used to at higher gear levels though.

  9. Aeiedil says:

    I would argue for not dropping either DoT.

    IS unglyphed provides the hit debuff to the boss, which means that you are not just concerned with your personal DPS output but also reducing tank damage.

    MF however as it will usually be affected by both glyphs remains strong also.

    I will almost always be rolling both regardless. I just won’t worry too much if I skiup a few seconds before refreshing.


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