Monthly Archives: March 2010

Druid 3.3.3 patch roundup

So, it’s patch time again. A time where all the bloggers rush to translate the patch notes into something actually useful. First, nothing changed with the resto talents or glyphs or anything. For ALL druids-  They changed how Nature’s Grasp works, which is nice for PvP. There are changes to what you can buy with […]

Upgrading houses in LOTRO

So, I finally got enough gold in LotRO to upgrade my house size from a standard to a deluxe. My original house was a cute (but really tiny) place in the hobbit area. So, I packed up most of my stuff (the rest of it was sent to Escrow, so it was pretty easy to […]

Communication is key in the wow community

So, Anea started a Blog Azeroth Shared topic about comments on blog posts, and whether comments make better (or worse) bloggers. Here is the question she proposed to the community: One of the things that can make us happiest as bloggers is seeing e-mails notifying us of comments on our blogs. However, if we took […]

So, you want to play on an RP server?

Back when I first started playing WoW, I started a character on a server that a group of my friends told me to: Cenarion Circle. They had already been playing the game for a week or two before I got my account, and they wanted me to come play with them (or, rather, I was […]