Monthly Archives: March 2010

Distractions: A case of the mondays

So, I’ve been distracted from WoW lately, and thus also distracted from blogging. One of my distractions from the game was school work done while my Undergrads (in my course & my research assistants) were all off partying it up for Spring Break. I’ve been working on organizing things for beginning to design & write […]

Moonkin in 3.3.3: To dot… or not to dot.

Okay, so now that 3.3.3 is getting closer to release, we have more details about what moonkin PvE will look like “soon.” However, this is still subject to change. One big looming question that a lot of high-end moonkin are struggling with is when to cast dots, or when to not cast them. The buffs […]

Should healers have to deal with mana management?

So, the healing forums have been having a pretty big discussion lately (over the last few weeks) about how much mana management should matter in Cataclysm, and how spell choice plays into managing mana. As someone who survived healing from the early days through now, I remember having to make more… intelligent decisions about what […]