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Restokin’s First Blogiversary

Happy Blogiversary to me!

A little over a year ago, I decided to start a blog. A year ago today was when my boyfriend finished setting it up and I posted my very first posts! The first day, I posted 4 mini-posts, mostly analyzing the 3.1 PTR patch note changes. This also means that I have been in my current guild, Conspiracy, for almost a year, too!

Since I was already pretty well known amongst druids from my long time posting (& stickied leveling guide) in the druid forums, this blog really started out with a bang and has continued to pass my expectations every day. On March 24th (Only a short time after starting the blog), I got linked on Wowinsider, and my first huge jump in hit #’s (4,300 visitors in 1 day). Then, every other large jump in my analytics is usually either a patch day or another day I was linked on I even had to change hosting services in my first month (that’s the strange dip at the beginning of April that analytics didn’t pick up readers for that day). Good times!

Here is the analytic break down by day across the last year:

And my hope is that over the next year, these numbers are going to get even bigger. With Cataclysm coming, and so much changing for WOW and the druid class, I can’t wait to see what Restokin will bring over the next year! I have slowed down my posting speed a little bit compared to the rapid pace that I was pushing out articles in my first couple months of blogging. However, I have also worked to increase the quality of the posts that I release, and I frequently work to update my leveling and healing guides.

I really just wanted to say thank you to all the druids AND non-druids out there who read my blog. I wouldn’t be who I am today without all of you. I love being part of the WOW community and the blogging community. Even with all the fancy charts and numbers, I still take the time to respond to people who talk to me in-game, on twitter (@restokin), in comments on my blog, on the forums, or by e-mail. I’m here to be part of a community and I enjoy playing (and writing about) world of warcraft with all of you.

Here’s one of the early screenshots of my druid, back when I was a newer level 60 (in 2005). It really feels amazing that I’ve been part of this community for so many years! It’s so nice to take the time to remember where you came from, and to think about how far we’ve come. Unfortunately, in all that time, I’ve still managed to have a lot of dead animals on my head… Oh well.

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Putricide down – Progress report & more

So, there has been some chatter around the internet amongst bloggers about how much they write about their guilds. Since I started out as a fairly prominent druid community member before I started blogging, I didn’t see the point in trying to hide my in-game identity – instead, I capitalized on the readership I already had when I started the blog (by re-posting, cross-linking between my stickied guides & here). Since my forum identity also comes with an armory profile & guild name, it’s not like I can actually hide my guild. Instead, what I do is I keep all the things I say about my guild in a positive tone. It comes down to something my mom always said: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!” This is pretty much a moto I use to blog by. If I say negative things, it’s usually about game mechanics, not about individual people.

One of the things that I’ve been doing is posting boss kill pictures, mostly because I like to highlight something that people can already tell just by looking at public armory info, because I’m already judged by my armory. Honestly, I really just enjoy being in my current guild.

So, congrats Conspiracy on recent Putricide & Blood Prince kills! Yes, I know the Blood Prince pic is a bit old (sometime in February). It’s been a while since I did an update.

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Cataclysm Gear changes for druids

So, they announced more details about their plan for Cataclysm gear, which has set off a posting frenzy across the WOW community.

Most of it was stuff we already knew. The summary is that they expect bear & cats to share gear, while they expect resto & moonkin to share gear. This sounds great in theory, but is likely going to cause problems in the long run, and it’s going to take months of Beta testing everything to get all the “nobs” tweaked right to pull this off.

However, please keep in mind that we have multiple months to get everything working right, and that there will be some variety & customization for our gear, and that the sky is definitely not falling (well, except for moonkin who can make stars fall out of the sky on demand).

Overall, they seem to be simplifying gear to a great extent. First, please realize that this is only a plan, and that some things will change between this post & Cataclysm being released. Here’s a rough summary and analysis, rather than a copy/paste of that thread. If you want to see what exactly they said, then go read the original thread. Below combines some of the knowledge from earlier posting, along with what was released today. In all cases, the existing stats on gear are going to change. However, you should wait until we know what individual pieces will look like before you start stocking up on additional gear. There will be several months to get things all straightened out before things go live. Cata is still a long time away.

For cats & bears, stats on leather armor will include:

  • Cat & bear gear will have roughly the same amount of stamina, which will be high like the other classes (so bear won’t need as much additional scaling for stam).
  • Leather gear for cats/bears will likely have a mix of: stam, agility, crit, haste, mastery, hit, & expertise.
  • Bears may need to gear for STR accessories for more tanking-related stats shared with other tanking classes (though bears still can’t block/parry), but this point still isn’t entirely clear. Dodge rating would probably only be on the STR items.
  • Resilience will still be good for PvP.
  • Haste will be a more attractive state for melee specs.
  • Reforging will help with getting your bear & cat sets to have the right combination of stats. However, reforging won’t be perfect (IE. you won’t be able to convert all of that yucky parry/block into dodge at a 1 to 1 conversion rate).

For Resto & Moonkin

  • We’re expected to gear basically the same between resto & moonkin (they said that before WotLK; we’ll see how well that actually works out).
  • Leather caster gear will have a mix of: Int, stam, spirit, haste, crit, & mastery.
  • Resto druids will be happy, and not much is changing for them in terms of gear stats, and everything is happy in tree-land.
  • Moonkin (and elemental shaman) won’t have hit rating itemized on their leather/mail. Instead, we’ll have talents that convert spirit to hit rating. We can still use DPS caster accessories with or without hit on them as needed.
  • It is likely that there will be some leather caster gear without spirit on it (I really hope so). If moonkin ends up with too much spirit (ie. hit rating) from gear, we can either complain to get more non-spirit items, or we can suck it up and reforge (and take the 50% stat penalty) to convert spirit to another more useful stat. However, until we see what happens to the gear, we just have to trust that in most cases, gear will be itemized in a way that makes sense. Also, if other casters end up with too much +hit rating gear, they will have to do the same thing, so it should balance out in the end.
  • My bet is that we’ll end up needing to reforge a couple pieces of gear to get a decent set, but I’m hoping that reforging works out right in the end.
  • We lose mastery if we pick up cloth instead of leather.
  • Spell penetration & resilience will be available for PvP gear.
  • It should be harder for moonkin to reach the hit/haste/crit caps in Cataclysm compared to now.

More About Reforging (ie. what people should be concerned about right now):

Reforging is really what all of druids dreams for the future are tied up in. Bears will need reforging to turn Warrior tanking items into druid tanking items, or to turn rogue leather into tanking leather. Moonkin still won’t have gear perfectly itemized for them, and will need reforging to turn healing gear into moonkin gear (especially for balancing around the spirit/hit cap). For bear druids, there needs to be some way to turn STR accessories into better things for bears without losing itemization points along the way, since bears are likely going to be expected to use them (ie. parry & block rating need 1 to 1 conversions to dodge for bears, or bears will be more limited in the gear they can tank in).

In conclusion:

This isn’t really anything super new or shocking. We have had huge changes to our stats every expansion, and we have survived every time in the past. Cataclysm will bring new and exiting changes, and nothing marked for Cataclysm is set in stone yet. They could make it through part of testing and realize something just isn’t working right, and completely change it to something different. That’s just part of the game, and we’ll adapt just like we always do.

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Eclipse Basics & Rotations for Beginner Moonkin

Based on request, here’s what the basics of the Moonkin’s Eclipse rotation looks like with pictures. This is the rotation for a level 80 moonkin doing single-target damage to a raid/instance boss. This is updated for the 3.3.3 content patch for Wrath of the Lich King. For more info on the basics of moonkin, please see my previous “how to moonkin raid PvE” post here.

First, lets look at Murmur’s Recommended rotation from the Balance 101 thread: I’ll copy & paste it from his guide to here, and then go through it step by step with pictures & explanations.

  1. Apply Faerie Fire to the boss.
  2. If there is no Unholy Death Knight, cast a single Wrath to get Earth and Moon up.
  3. Apply Insect Swarm and then Moonfire.
  4. Unless your boss strategy is very strange, use Force of Nature and Starfall.
  5. Cast Wrath until you proc a Lunar Eclipse.
  6. Cast Starfire until you proc a Solar Eclipse.
  7. Reapply DoTs as they fall off.
  8. Use Force of Nature and Starfall as they come off cooldown.

Now, lets break it down.

1. Apply Faerie Fire to the boss. This debuff lowers armor, and if you spec for Improved Faerie fire (which you should do in a raiding build), it gives your whole raid a 3% hit buff, and gives you 3% to crit with spells.

2. Next, apply a single wrath to get earth & moon up (you can skip this step if you are casting your DOTs as you run into the room and get into position, since you can’t cast wrath on the move). This is what the Earth & Moon debuff looks like:

3. Apply Insect Swarm and then Moonfire: DOTs will always be a damage increase for a beginner moonkin.

4A. Force of Nature summons 3 treants to beat up on your target, on a 3 minute cooldown. I can sometimes cast it twice in a fight if I use it towards the beginning of a pull.

4B. Starfall has about a 35 yard radius (After talents, without the glyph of focus), so be careful that you don’t aggro things to the side or behind you. However, it is going to do substantial damage to a single target in the next patch, so it’s an important tool that you need to learn how to use appropriately. Starfall is a buff that is applied to you, but hits things all around you. The buff icon shows up in your buff list, and it puts a faint moon over your head:

5. Cast wrath until you proc a Lunar Eclipse. You can tell that you get a Lunar Eclipse proc for several reasons. First, Lunar Eclipse is the Blue icon that shows up over your head. There is also the Blue circular icon on your buff bar. So, when you see a Blue-colored Eclipse, you switch to casting Starfire.

When you Download Squawk and Awe, it also shows up as a blue icon next to the words Eclipse (starfire). Since S&A is basically a required addon for new moonkin, you should be able to know that you switch from wrath to starfire when the words Eclipse (starfire) show up on your S&A mod. S&A will show up as Eclipse (Starfire) cooldown after Eclipse ends, and you keep casting starfire when it says that. Basically, the word that S&A says on that line is the spell you should be casting at any point in time.

You should NEVER just try to watch for the buff, as you won’t always see it (especially if there are multiple moonkin). You should have some type of mod to alert you when you need to switch.

6. Cast Starfire until Solar Eclipse. This is an orange Eclipse icon. When you see an orange-colored eclipse, you switch to Wrath. Squawk & Awe notes this as an orange icon next to the words: Eclipse (Wrath). When you see Eclipse (Wrath) on your S&A mod, it’s time to switch back to casting wrath.

7 & 8. When your DOTs fall off, or your cooldowns fall off, then re-cast them. Squawk and Awe will also show your DOTs & cooldown timers. It also gives you timers for your Eclipse. So, in the following picture, you should be casting wrath because you are on a lunar Eclipse for another 13 seconds, and you have 5.4 seconds until Insect swarm falls off and you should recast it. The number 2 next to moonfire means that I refreshed it 2 times with starfire because of my starfire glyph. It will stop at 3 starfires, since that is the max that the duration can be extended. This also shows that I have 49 seconds before my starfall is off cooldown. The one blank spot is where my Omen of Clarity procs show up. I turn off ALL the other tracking from the mod, as these are the only things I really care about seeing here.

It’s as simple as that! Have fun being a moonkin!

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