Cata mechanic update: Rage & dispells

So, I think druids actually win out with the two latest updates on Cata mechanics. They are going to need more testing in-person to really see how things are going to work out, but I can say that it doesn’t seem bad at this point.


For the new dispel mechanics, resto druids are gaining the ability to dispel magic. We’re keeping poisons & curses. It will also possibly be one button that removes them all. This is a bonus to druids. Some of the other classes are losing existing mechanics, but from where I’m sitting, it looks like druid healers will benefit from the changes. This actually ends up being good for PvE and PvP purposes, since it will give us more dispel options (and raids will likely see an increase in the # of magic effects that will need to be dispelled, rather than the other types of debuffs).

Rage normalization:

The rage normalization change is actually something that should benefit druid tanks. As a tanking spec, and not a DPS spec, bears could benefit from having more predictable rage gains, which will make it easier for Blizzard to balance bears’ abilities in Cataclysm, and should overall reduce frustration of new bear tanks and bears that rage-starve themselves by out-gearing content. This is one of the reasons I started putting together a tank set for Cata content testing in the future, since bears are going to need a really good looking-at before Cata goes live. There will be a lot of time for all the bear tanks to test out the mechanics on either a Beta server or PTR before the changes go live. I’m going to settle on normalization being a positive at this point, because everything else for bears will be balanced around this change.

Conclusion: I have to keep these posts short at this point, and there are a LOT of unknown factors that are going to influence whether or not these changes are good or bad. For now, I’m reserving any real judgment until we’re able to see these in action. For now, I’d like to conclude that the sky isn’t falling (YET!).

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7 comments on “Cata mechanic update: Rage & dispells
  1. Icedragon says:

    Damn, beat my post by less than an hour. Good rundown though, I think we really did get the better end of things on these changes…at least as they stand now. Elune knows how thing will really turn out!

  2. Icedragon says:

    how things* will really turn out. Forgive my claws – I’m a touch giddy today 😛

  3. Erdluf says:

    I’m a little worried about Poison. A single Abolish Poison can potentially remove five stacks of poison, at relatively low mana cost.

    Remove that spell, and we have to use Cure Poison. Mana cost for CP will go up. Rogues apply poisons as a side-effect of their auto-attack. Application is essentially free, and they stack. Cure Poison costs mana and time, and potentially has only 20% of the effectiveness.

    That sounds like a big hit.

  4. paperclip says:

    Getting rid of abolish poison also forces the ability to be reactive which is different from general druid healing mentality. But as you say, there is not enough firm detail to get really concerned over.

  5. Lissanna says:

    It’s possible that they will change the way a lot of buffs/debuffs work in cataclysm at the same time this change happens (ie. there may be more magic & less poisons, for example). We don’t really know enough now to do more than speculate, which is what makes this phase of previews a little hard to analyze. 🙂

  6. Analogue says:

    I agree with those who are currently concerned losing Abolish Poison will force us to be reactive in ways we aren’t now. However, until we really know what Blizzard intends for encounters, and for druids, in Cataclysm, it’s not time to panic.

    I am waiting eagerly for Friday. My concern is that Resto druids may see some changes we aren’t totally thrilled about – comments from Blue posters in the past about not really liking TOL the way it is, them wanting us to actually care about mana, and the abolish poison changes *might* add up to a shift in perspective for us.

    But then druids are good at shifting…

  7. Keeva says:

    I think the Abolish change will be more of a concern for PvP, but I’m certainly slightly annoyed about losing it for PvE. There were times that I anticipated getting a Wyvern Sting (or similar) so I would throw an Abolish on myself to make sure I wasn’t asleep for long.

    Or, as others have mentioned, the fact that you could put an Abolish up and know that your target would be taken care of for a while, instead of having to hit Cure Poison multiple times when they get multiple applications or stacks.

    Have to wait and see what the encounters look like; they’ve said they’ll try to avoid spamfests, but we came from Hyjal into Naxx and it wasn’t much improved – and even now in TOC and Icecrown there are times I want to stab myself. Deathwhisper makes me fall asleep, and I hate Faction Champions so much.

    Any move to make us more reactionary and spammy (and any fight where our job is basically to dispel, with heals in between) will be upsetting. I really hope they plan this very carefully.


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