I got a promotion (and other updates)!

So, I’m doing such a good job of recruiting for my guild that they made me the Recruitment Officer this weekend!

Now, I just need to find people to recruit! We had a couple people leave the guild for various reasons (ie. bored with the game, injured, moved, going away to school), which happened all at the same time and really suddenly, which left some immediate holes in our normal raid makeup. We also picked up a couple really great new players, that I’m very excited about (yay new friends!), but it’s not quite enough.

I promise to post about druid-related things “soon”. However, I wanted to talk about my promotion to recruitment officer and ongoing recruitment efforts today, since that took up pretty much my entire weekend. I updated my recruitment post. We’re looking for any class/spec right now, raiding on a casual EST schedule. We especially need more DPS (especially ranged DPS – moonkin, mage, elemental shaman, hunter, etc), and a non-druid tank that is ready for ICC 25-man. We definitely still have at least one opening for each role (tank, heal, DPS), so if you think Conspiracy would be a good home for you, you are welcome to apply! My guild leader was really impressed with how great our last round of applicants are, and we’re so close to being able to return to our normal (Wed/Thurs/Sun 8 PM EST) schedule that I’m really pushing to fill the last couple 25-man spots.

Recruiting is really hard work. I have a lot of sympathy for other guilds that are trying to recruit these days.

Some non-recruitment related updates:

  • I was on the Hunting Lodge podcast last night with Brigwyn and Daewin! It was a lot of fun. They said the recording should be up on Thursday or so. We talked about all sorts of WOW related things, and had a lot of fun!
  • I’m going to a psychology conference from Thursday to Sunday of this week, so I hope to be able to post over the weekend, but if I go MIA, it’s because I’m having too much fun in New York City!
  • I hope to have a druid-related post or two ready to go before I head out for the conference this upcoming weekend.
  • I’m playing more WOW & less Lord of the Rings Online. The guild shakeup and recruitment process has increased my interest in WOW again, so I’m back full-force into WOW, leaving little time for hobbit-land.
  • On a druid-related note, I made a feral set of gear over the weekend. I haven’t actually tried it out, but I spent a couple hundred triumph badges, and then gemmed/enchanted all the pieces I had sitting around in my bank. It was kinda fun to play with the gear. I could probably tank easier heroics or such with that set of gear, and maybe kitty DPS (since I have a few accessories/weapons that I can swap). I don’t want to change either of my specs, so this is mostly saving up for future testing purposes for getting ready for Cata.
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11 comments on “I got a promotion (and other updates)!
  1. ReversionLFG says:

    If you are not use to bearing go run some on regular first, even if your gear can handle it. This is great in two ways. One the really stupid dpsers never do regular runs at 80, they just go to heroics. So you get, on average, a better class of help for you to learn bear tanking on. This goes triple if you are new to tanking in general (sorry, I cant recall if you have talked about that or not). If that is true you also might want to take a few guildies or a pet healer along.
    I like bearing. I was going to make my second druid tree/boomkin but so far it is tree/bear same as my other one. I just seem to have a hard time enjoying just being DPS these days. Feels to out of control to not tank or heal.

  2. maerdred says:

    Gee, when they find out that Treebound nutjob you recruited is a complete waste of oxygen won’t they feel silly!

    Grats on your promotion!

  3. Lissanna says:

    LOL. Maerdred, you’re silly. 🙂

  4. Poneria says:

    Woot! Yay, Lissanna! 🙂

    I’m starting to feel at home in Conspiracy. Aka, talking more. 🙂

  5. Faetal says:

    You’ll have lots to talk about… Cataclysm Druid info inc on Thursday!

  6. Lissanna says:

    … Of course they’d do new info the weekend I was out of town! lol

  7. Kioshi says:

    Grats on your promotion Liss! If I can think of anyone else to drag into the guild, I will let you know!

  8. scaresome says:

    zomg, ignore WoW and have a hoot and holla’ in NYC!

    Top three things to do in the Big Apple:
    1. Pizza
    2. Central Park
    3. Pizza and beer!

    Have a great time.

  9. Lissanna says:

    LOL. I’m going to be stuck in conference meetings most of the day, but the person we’re staying with lives near Time Square, so I’m hoping to do a little bit of sight-seeing while I’m there.

    I’ll try to do mini-posts while I’m gone, since I’ll be too excited about the druid changes while I’m away. I won’t be able to really dig into the data on it until late Sunday or early Monday, and I’m pretty sure that I’m going to have the hardest time staying away, lol.

  10. Fangtastic says:

    Check out Patzeria Perfect Pizza if you’re at Times Square. Unassuming little place, delicious pies.

    Central Park is wonderful, though it sounds like you won’t have time to do it justice. Even walking around Manhattan and Times Square at night is loads of fun. Also, if you get a chance, the ferry to Staten Island / the Statue of Liberty is fun and has some gorgeous views.

  11. Treeboi says:

    My NYC food suggestions are Sushi Samba (sushisamba.com) and Monster Sushi (monstersushi.com).

    Sushi Samba is the better of the two, as long as you are willing to experiment a bit, but it’s harder to find than Monster Sushi, which has several locations.


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