Leveling is more fun with friends

So, a couple days ago, 2 of the people from my guild & I picked up some heirloom items and started up new characters. After we did that, one more person that I knew joined us. So, we started out as four low level characters: 2 paladins, and 2 shaman.

Since I already had a shaman, I started out as a paladin. The two paladins ran from our human starting zone to the Draenei starting area, where the 2 shaman were starting. We got through a lot of quests together, and got 10 levels in about 4 hours /played (including the travel time). It was probably the most fun I’ve had leveling in a long time, since leveling is more fun with friends. It’s also funny because there are always multiples of everything as we do the quests together, with really funny results:

So, here we have: The quest that turned us all into shadow-kitties. One where we disguised as a forest on the beach (and the NPCs still couldn’t figure out that this group of huge trees didn’t spring up over night?). We also had some fun with the quest that gives you the temporary elephant mount.

We’re still below level 15 now. If we continue on together, I may post progress reports. We’ll see how it goes.

Also, this adventure has shown me how boring paladin level is at those lower levels. My heirloom axe is really makes a huge difference, along with having other people around to make the process more fun.

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3 comments on “Leveling is more fun with friends
  1. Saniel says:

    I’ve tried a Paladin three times. The farthest I’ve gotten yet is 13, and that’s because I was spending a lot of that time playing with someone else. Yeah…soooo boring at low levels.

    Leveling with other people does make it a lot more fun. I have a Shadow Priest that I’ve been leveling with my partner’s Lock.

    The problems happen when your schedules and/or other WoW priorities get out of synch. Our original goal was to actually have them raid-viable in Kara almost 6 months before Wrath came out. They’re still not even to 70…

  2. Nimizar says:

    My draenei paladin made it all the way to level 22 during TBC before the lack of a run speed increase and the need to body pull everything nearly drove me round the bend.

    Both of those problems have been fixed now (with normal mounts at level 20 and Hand of Reckoning at level 16), but I’m still not particularly inclined to go back to him (my level 80 feral/resto dual spec druid has me covered for tanking and healing duties whenever I feel so inclined).

  3. Lyftsceaða says:

    Soooo true. I came across two people levelling at the same time… dressed in the same armor… with the same pets… and felt all left out. As well as the fun of gaming together, it is the fact that you are all the same level. In my experiences one of you is a higher level and they spend all their time one-shotting the mobs and you just follow them around like a faithful dog collecting XP and searching the bodies for loot: that is too boring for words. But when you are all the same level, you have the same challenges as well as access to instant groups for the party quests; much better solution.


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