Monthly Archives: April 2010

Leveling is more fun with friends

So, a couple days ago, 2 of the people from my guild & I picked up some heirloom items and started up new characters. After we did that, one more person that I knew joined us. So, we started out as four low level characters: 2 paladins, and 2 shaman. Since I already had a […]

Why I don’t play Eve Online

A little background on me for the potential Eve readers: I’m a female geek & gamer. My boyfriend and I play WoW together. We have characters in the same guild. We have even sometimes raid together in WoW. There are times where I’ve been a really hard-core WoW player. I theorycraft. I do math. I […]

Screenshot Tuesday

So, we are getting close to the end of my semester. The end of the semester means that I have a bunch of stuff to get done, and not nearly enough time to do it. I also haven’t blog posted since Friday, and I feel terribly bad about it. I’ve also been working really hard […]

Blizzchat recap – Druids & Relics!

So, there is actually a lot to cover with the twitter Blizzchat that is relevant to druids (mostly resto & balance, tho). Q: How will haste affect channeled spells. Will it be similar to DoTs and HoTs? A: They will channel faster but their duration will remain unchanged. You will get more ticks on the […]