Monthly Archives: April 2010

I got a promotion (and other updates)!

So, I’m doing such a good job of recruiting for my guild that they made me the Recruitment Officer this weekend! Now, I just need to find people to recruit! We had a couple people leave the guild for various reasons (ie. bored with the game, injured, moved, going away to school), which happened all […]

Happy Noblegarden & THL Podcast

So, today is the start of Noblegarden. It’s the hoppy holiday where we collect lots of eggs and turn people into bunnies, along with celebrating the return of spring. Today is also the day that I’m going to be on the Hunting Lodge podcast with Brigwyn & Daewin! They don’t just talk about hunters. They […]

Surviving the pre-expansion slump?

So, we’ve hit the point in WoW’s expansion cycle where people tend to get bored, have RL issues pop up, or otherwise get tired of their current guild’s progress and want to abandon ship. It happens about the point where we hit the last raid instance every expansion. Actually, in Vanilla & BC, Blizzard “fixed” […]

Invasion of the Tuskars!

So, I just couldn’t help myself. Here are pictures of Lissanna, the Tuskar druid. and of course, here’s me with the new casting animations, too! And my Armory: