Sindragosa Down: Hard work paying off

So, Conspiracy finally got Sindragosa down (on 10-man). I took all of my frutrations out on that dragon last night, and so I feel a lot better today. Grats Conspiracy! We’re still looking for 1 more tank, shaman of any spec, warrior of any spec, and a paladin tank or healer.

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11 comments on “Sindragosa Down: Hard work paying off
  1. Treeboi says:

    As one member of a guild with attendance problems to another, I have to tell you….

    Stop raiding 10 mans as a guild, and raid 25 mans, even if you are short on people.

    My guild’s first Sindragosa kill was with 23 players.

    First kills for Putricide and Dreamwalker were 24 man kills. And that was back before the ICC buff.

    This past week? We 22 manned everything except for Sindragosa. I’m pretty sure we could have easily 20 manned the first 6 bosses.

    Run the 25 mans even if you are understaffed. I cannot stress that enough.

  2. Poneria says:

    Yay, Conspiracy!

    Very sorry that I slept through raid, but excited on the guild’s achiev all the same!

  3. Lissanna says:

    We’re not progressing in our 25-man because a lot of our raid members don’t have the gear for it right now. It’s not about bodies (we have 33 people signed up for our 25-man this week), but we still don’t have high enough DPS to kill the harder bosses (ie. putricide, blood queen, Sindragosa) on 25’s, so we have to run 10’s for gear until we can get everyone prepared again to get back to where we were before. Last week, we were hitting enrage timers, not burning things fast enough, and dieing in fires in our 25-man. I don’t think we could get to Sindragosa even with a full raid in 25’s right now. So, 10’s are the only place we’re having any luck with progressing (because of the lower gear requirement). Maybe the story will change with another 5% buff to the raid, but we’re doing gearing run 10’s to support the re-built 25 group.

    Thaaaat’s all part of why I’m frustrated about the raid changes in Cata.

  4. Ardol says:

    Congrats to you and yours.

  5. Verdus says:

    Congratulations! That’s such an incredibly annoying fight (“Suffer mortals, as your pathetic eardrums betra^&@*)@!%y you!”) with a nasty, back-loaded learning curve. Downing her is quite the accomplishment, and I wish you the best of luck against Arthas.

  6. Akutsito says:

    Now, for the Lich King!, hope you have an easier time than we did there, >.<, a month stuck due to lack of players in 10 man was really a bummer…, im sure you will enjoy it either as a Moonkin starfalling the world, or as Resto healing through those infests!


  7. Treeboi says:

    Lissanna, I’ve been looking over your WoL logs, and the big thing I notice is that your raid, as a whole, is bad at dealing with fight mechanics that force movement.

    For example, your raid did 142k rdps against Festergut and 115k rdps against Rotface for a 20% drop in rdps. Your Putricide attempts were worse, in that you dropped to 80k rdps for a 45% drop in rdps.

    My short handed raid did 161k rdps against Festergut, 139k rdps against Rotface for a 14% drop in rdps, and 115k rdps against Putricide for a 29% drop in rdps.

    If your raid’s dps drop off against Putricide was only 29%, instead of a 45% drop off, I’ll bet that you’d have gotten a kill.

    In addition, there was just too much avoidable damage going around during both Putricide and Rotface. You should have taken 33% less damage during both of those fights. And your raiders just shouldn’t be dying as early or as often as they were.

    I’m not sure what’s going on, but you need to do something different, something that will cox out better performances out of your raiders.

    To be perfectly frank, you have more than enough gear to kill Sindragosa, Blood-Queen, and Putricide in ICC25.

    You are trying to mask a fundamental raiding issue with the “under geared” excuse.

  8. Nimizar says:

    I’m trying to figure out why you think the Cata changes will make your 25’s situation worse rather than better. You say you can’t run 25’s (even undermanned 25’s) because too many of your players don’t have good enough gear.

    In Cata, the fastest way to gear up a bunch of undergeared players will be to run 25 normals with them rather than dropping down to 10 mans. Won’t that help you, rather than hinder you?

    Or are you simply not believing Blizz when they say they want to make sure the incentives to run a 25 man raid are still there?

  9. Boize says:

    Congrats on your Sindragosa kill!

  10. nightwhisp says:

    Gratz on the kill!
    The best my 10-man has done was around 20 % in Phase three then we got too close to each other and chained three ice blocks. . .This fight is a lulu.


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