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How has ICC changed your healing style?

So, I haven’t updated my healing guide until before ICC came out. So, I was wondering – has your healing style changed since ICC came out?

During my Druid Healing Survey back in December, people generally responded that:

  • They HOT the tanks and then raid heal
  • Rejuv was the most commonly used spell (with wild growth coming in 2nd)
  • Healing Touch overwhelmingly won as the least used spell.
  • For the Rapid Rejuv glyph – most people either weren’t sure, or planned to swap it in & out.
  • A lot of people were planning to respec to pick up celestial focus.

So, the question is – did your predictions hold true for your healing?

For me, It’s mostly stayed the same:

  • For me, Rejuv & Wild Growth still dominate my healing.
  • Healing Touch & lifebloom usually rank low on my total healing done.
  • I don’t use the Rapid Rejuv glyph, because I found that it caused me to frantically try to keep it up at a shorter duration, and that caused me too much stress.
  • I have celestial focus talented right now, since my haste dropped lower as I got better gear, due to the amount of crit/spirit gear I’ve picked up.

I’m pretty sure that mine has stayed more the same since we are NOT doing hard-mode fights, since the hard modes seem to be what drives people to swap healing styles more often. I did, however, find myself using more healing touch (not glyphed) during some dreamwalker fights (when I had lots of stacks on me and not so many HOTs on dreamwalker) just to see the big numbers fly!

So, how about you? Has your healing mostly stayed the same, or has it changed since 3.3 came out and you started raiding ICC?

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Ruby Sanctum – Gear for Resto & moonkin

So, with the Ruby Sanctum normal-mode gear released, we can take a look at the gear which drops from the Ruby Sanctum. Some of the caster leather & accessories would be good, and some may not be upgrades for druids. Lets take a look.

First, lets look at things that would appeal to BOTH resto & moonkin:

Potential Resto healing gear:

  • Glowing Twilight Scale – Trinket from 25-man. The Use-effect only works with direct heals, so it’s not super useful with the current HOT-based style of healing that druids focus on. However, if 4.0 brings more direct healing spells into druids’ use, the trinket might increase in usefulness. At this point, I would pass over it (though you could theoretically time when to use direct heals to benefit from it).
  • Abduction’s cover – Cloak from 10-man. Has haste & mana/5. Not the best resto cloak, but you could use it if you didn’t have access to something better.

Potential Moonkin loot:

  • Charred Twilight Scale – A haste trinket with a spell damage proc. Right now, the haste is probably not that great for moonkin. However, if our desire for haste changes with the 4.0 patch, this trinket may be a good way to get a quick haste boost at that point. Until we know more about the 4.0 content patch, I would hold off on picking it up – especially if your haste is already causing a lot of wrath global cool down clipping.

That’s what we’ve got so far. Not a lot of things to look forward to, but there’s really only one boss, right? It’s nice to see all the haste/crit gear, for sure!

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Interview With Conspiracy Resto druids

So, today is the return of my interview series with Conspiracy’s druids. Last time, I interviewed two feral druids. Today we have two Resto druids: Angsinyl & Chapel. Happy Tuesday maintenance day!

1. What is your druid character’s name?

  • Angsinyl

2. What is your druid’s main spec?

  • Restoration 18/0/53.

3. How long have you been playing WoW?

  • 330ish days

4. What has been your favorite part of the game in WotLK?

  • Playing my Deathknight. Seriously though, I loved the additional healing functionality WotLK gave Restoration Druids. The AoE awesomeness of Wild Growth made me smiley and giddy, and the single target goodness of Nourish made me more confident when paired with a tank. Perhaps it made me overly confident at times. Regardless, my tankers did not die as much!

5. What has been your least favorite part of the game in WotLK?

  • Banging my head against a wall

6. What do you like most about the druid class & your spec?

  • The shape shifting ability. It is what drew me to the class. Also, the ability to melee while healing. It is just fantastic being a Whomping Willow right in the thick of battle (during farm content, of course). I like the play style of the Restoration Druid most. I have multiple targets to monitor in addition to the NPCs and myself. My spells are green and pretty; you know, all naturey. I enjoyed showing people back in the day that Druid healers are worth their mana.

7. What do you like least about the druid class & your spec?

  • Not having increased Tree of Life melee damage from Brambles. That and not displaying my armor in any way during combat. Beyond the cosmetics, Tranquility’s lack of practical use disappoints me. It is such an awesome spell that I never used. Other than those, I am not so picky to dislike much about my class and spec.

8. If you could change one thing about the game, what would it be?

  • I wish druids had more shape shift functionality. Some kind of incentive to be in multiple forms within an encounter would be super cool. Perhaps a Resto’ Bear could offer temporary and situational buffs to a tank. A Resto’ cat could do the same to melee dps, while a Resto’kin would be the caster version. Damage would not be the purpose of such functionality. It would be about group support in an unorthodox way.
  • How about a Resto’Feles distributing damage across the raid or through certain classes/roles? Maybe all of a sudden, a RestoUrsus could provide a damage soak (that doesn’t kill the Ursus…or does /shrug) or transfer incoming damage to a second or third NPC? These would still be ‘Resto’ abilities. They would just be wholly different from what we know now.

9. What raid instance from WotLK was your favorite? What was the best part of the instance?

  • I liked Ice Crown Citadel a whole lot, but I think I would have to say Ulduar. The lore behind it grips me more than that of ICC, and Ulduar has a summonable boss in addition to its legendary. The best part of the instance is difficult for me to pick, but I loved the train ride to Mimiron.

10. What is your favorite instance of all time (either raid or 5-man)?

  • Dire Maul, the set of them as a whole is my favorite instance. I love that place. At the time it was vast, secretive and effing hard. One did not just waltz in and complete a tribute run on a whim.

1. What is your druid character’s name?

  • Chapel

2. What is your druid’s main spec?

  • Resto

3. How long have you been playing WoW?

  • Since 2004

4. What has been your favorite part of the game in WotLK?

  • I would have to say the cross server dungeon finder feature, by far the best thing about wotlk.

5. What has been your least favorite part of the game in WotLK?

  • How quickly Tier sets go out of date. I remember getting [Epic] and was so happy….that was i226. Going from T7 to T10.1, T10.2, T10.3…. srsly?

6. What do you like most about the druid class & your spec?

  • So many things to choose from. Diversity of shape shifting, Instant Flight Form. Tons of instant heals for on the run.

7. What do you like least about the druid class & your spec?

  • Tree form. The day it came out I wanted to cry. Thought it was soooo stupid. Looks horrible, cant see gear, use to move at half the speed (Thank God they changed that!) I mean if they could at least make us look badass like the tree off Poltergeist, coming thru the window or sommin!

8. If you could change one thing about the game, what would it be?

  • Make resto druids more versital in raids. Like our Rejuv spells cast on enemy targets would apply a poison debuff or the ribbons would have thorns and act like a saw of thorns on them with bleed damage….. that would be awesome.

9. What raid instance from WotLK was your favorite?

  • Im a fan of the collisium. Not that it was difficult but was done well and giving us players something to do as they work on the Icecrown content. The Faction Champions was my fav part. Most unique to anything else in the game.

10. What is your favorite instance of all time (either raid or 5-man)?

  • I will say the 5man i232 content was brilliantly done. All 3 of ’em and how well the player interaction was done and leaping from one instance to the next untill we actually got to see Frostmourne.
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BA shared topic: Preparing for cataclysm

So, one of the upcoming Blog Azeroth shared topic posts asks about how we are preparing for Cataclysm. Personally, I feel that it’s a little too soon to prepare specifically for some things (ie. future profession leveling). However, it’s not too soon to start preparing for other things.

For example, trying to get achievements completed is a good goal for heading into such a major content change. For example, they announced quite some time ago that weapon skills were being removed. So, few days back, I leveled up my weapon skills to get the achievements that are unlikely to be possible once weapon skills are removed. However, doing those types of achievements are still risky, since they could be removed without being turned into a feat of strength. However, sometimes the risk is worth the fun.

Other types of achievements are things like Ulduar hard mode content that I wasn’t able to previously complete. On Friday, we finally went back and did Mimiron’s Firefighter on 10-man, which was still somewhat challenging (even when we slightly outgear the content). I’m hoping to be able to kill Algalon, and get the Starcaller title. I’m also still hoping to kill the Lich King and get more ICC raiding achievements.

I will also be needing some herloom items to help with leveling up whatever new characters I plan to create. However, I should have plenty of left over badges & such along the way between now and then.

The most important thing, however, is to stay interested & motivated. No matter how small your goals are, having some goals helps keep the content from being too boring.

Also, one of the things I did to prepare for Cataclysm is catching up on some Lore reading. I finished off reading the Stormrage novel so that I would be caught up on that piece of druid-related lore, so that I won’t feel as lost when Cataclysm comes out.

Once Beta starts & Cata is further along in development, I’ll start working on additional goals. However, it’s too soon to know what kind of materials should be stockpiled and saved up for use later, since we don’t know much about the profession changes. Also, as development is further along, we’ll have a better idea of what kind of gear our mains should be gathering up for the 4.0 patch, since all the stats on our gear will be changing.

Although I feel pretty bored most nights when I log into the game, thinking about how to prepare for the next expansion helps give me goals to make the waiting game more fun.

So, what are you doing to prepare for Cataclysm? What are your goals to achieve before the next expansion?

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