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So, one of the upcoming Blog Azeroth shared topic posts asks about how we are preparing for Cataclysm. Personally, I feel that it’s a little too soon to prepare specifically for some things (ie. future profession leveling). However, it’s not too soon to start preparing for other things.

For example, trying to get achievements completed is a good goal for heading into such a major content change. For example, they announced quite some time ago that weapon skills were being removed. So, few days back, I leveled up my weapon skills to get the achievements that are unlikely to be possible once weapon skills are removed. However, doing those types of achievements are still risky, since they could be removed without being turned into a feat of strength. However, sometimes the risk is worth the fun.

Other types of achievements are things like Ulduar hard mode content that I wasn’t able to previously complete. On Friday, we finally went back and did Mimiron’s Firefighter on 10-man, which was still somewhat challenging (even when we slightly outgear the content). I’m hoping to be able to kill Algalon, and get the Starcaller title. I’m also still hoping to kill the Lich King and get more ICC raiding achievements.

I will also be needing some herloom items to help with leveling up whatever new characters I plan to create. However, I should have plenty of left over badges & such along the way between now and then.

The most important thing, however, is to stay interested & motivated. No matter how small your goals are, having some goals helps keep the content from being too boring.

Also, one of the things I did to prepare for Cataclysm is catching up on some Lore reading. I finished off reading the Stormrage novel so that I would be caught up on that piece of druid-related lore, so that I won’t feel as lost when Cataclysm comes out.

Once Beta starts & Cata is further along in development, I’ll start working on additional goals. However, it’s too soon to know what kind of materials should be stockpiled and saved up for use later, since we don’t know much about the profession changes. Also, as development is further along, we’ll have a better idea of what kind of gear our mains should be gathering up for the 4.0 patch, since all the stats on our gear will be changing.

Although I feel pretty bored most nights when I log into the game, thinking about how to prepare for the next expansion helps give me goals to make the waiting game more fun.

So, what are you doing to prepare for Cataclysm? What are your goals to achieve before the next expansion?

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4 comments on “BA shared topic: Preparing for cataclysm
  1. Croebh says:

    I’m also going back and doing achievements.

  2. Donnavar says:

    My plan:

    1. Have all characters get Master of Arms and Knuckle Sandwich.
    2. Get all old world dungeon and raid achievements.
    3. A full set of heirloom items.
    4. Have a DK, Paladin, Druid, Warlock at 80.
    5. Finish class mount quests for my paladin, druid and warlock.

    And I also have a soft spot for Ulduar.

    6. Get Starcaller and Herald of the Titans on my paladin (main).

    I wonder if they’ll take Herald of the Titans out in 4.0. A bunch of level 85s in achievement-appropriate gear probably will trivialize the enrage timer.

  3. Chezza says:

    I have no clue…
    I should probably try to get heirloom gear for my hunter and rogue though. Oh well, we’ll just have to see, I suppose. I’ve not played much at all recently 🙁

  4. Bert says:

    I think I am prepared for cataclysm.

    I can walk, run, fly, swim and dive.
    Besides that I can heal and do damage.
    That is what a druid is about 🙂


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