Holidays without achievements?

Okay, so I got my Violet Protodrake a couple months ago, during the Elders events. That means for all the standard holidays, my druid doesn’t need to jump through hoops to complete all the achievements. I don’t really work to get the meta achievements on any alts, so that makes holiday events basically optional at this point.

I did get one achievement for Children’s Week (Vetran nanny), which didn’t take very long, and I worked to get the last of the pets I wanted from the quests I could do. However, aside from the very basic questlines, I haven’t done anything else for Children’s week. Now, this week is also my University’s final’s week, so I’ve had less time to do things – but I’ve also had less motivation. For Children’s Week, pet collecting has been the primary motivation to do the holiday, anyway.

Will I do other holidays coming up in the future? I’m not so sure. However, I did used to do holiday quests before achievements just for fun, so maybe I’ll keep doing it anyway. I suppose it also depends on which holiday, and what activities look interesting on their own. For example, I’ll always look forward to looting presents during Winter’s Veil, but I couldn’t even bring myself to help my guildies do School of Hard Knocks PvP stuff.

So, my question is to you guys – once you finish the meta achievement for a holiday, do you still go back and participate in holiday events the next year? Do you think Blizzard should keep releasing new holiday quests and achievements to keep people interested in the holidays (even if those aren’t linked to the meta achievement), or do you think you’ve earned a break from achievements if you’ve managed to complete all the current holiday ones?

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  1. Jasyla says:

    Besides those holiday events that have a chance to drop mounts or pets, I don’t plan to do any more holiday stuff. Things like Noblegarden made me completely sick of holidays.

    I think Blizzard should release new quests and achievements (and get rid of some of the tedious ones) if they want to keep people interested.

  2. sirfwalgman says:

    I would only do them for achievements, sparkley loot, or profit (Not including 11g for completing [X] quest).

  3. Erinys says:

    I keep doing them half-heartedly on alts but I wish Blizzard would add new content for each holiday to keep them from going stale.

  4. Wowopa says:

    I only did the holiday events that I found enjoyable before they implemented achievements… I did ALL the holidays once the Violet Proto-Drake became the reward. Now that I have it, (like the above poster) I only do events that I provide a shot at a mount or pet. Also agree that Noblegarden was infuriating, lol! I do not do holidays on alts unless the reward is worth my time.

  5. Saniel says:

    I busted my butt for a year and got my Violet Proto on Saniel after one cycle (didn’t miss a meta at all). I figured this year (which started with Harvest Fest) that I’d go through and try to get them on my Shaman. But I haven’t been able to muster up the desire to do any of them at all again. Maybe next year I’ll try. They were fun to do once, but I’m not sure I really want to do most of them more than that.

  6. Maor says:

    I haven’t really be3en working at getting any of the meta achievements. I’ll do them if I happen to get close on a holiday I enjoy, but that’s about it. Oh and the ones where I want the title, like Brewfest. I may do Brewfest again on my Druid (my Shaman has it), but I may not as well since the title isn’t something I really want for him. I much prefer Guardian of Cenarius for him.

  7. Laneil says:

    I don’t do achievements, period. If I get one by accident on a raid or something fine, but I don’t not actively attempt to complete any. I don’t think I have done a single holiday event other than helping some guildies with the Headless Horseman.

  8. Amoros says:

    Nah, I’m pretty good on holidays myself. I did do the Outland Children’s Week quests to get myself Egbert the Crack-Chicken to round out my set though… Plus if any new achievements get introduced I’ll probably do those… But once I’m done with a holiday, I can’t be brought to do the same things again. I shudder every time I recall the Noblegarden “Egg Hunt”.

  9. Johan says:

    In the time it would take me to get all these achievements done I’m going to get filthy rich doing something else and with Cata around the corner and a supposedly purschaseable 310% riding skill I am sure not going to waste my time doing the most boring quests in-game (juggling fire is not as thrilling as it sounds…). I acctually find herbing more fun than all these holiday quests. But I guess if Blizz chnages the reward after Cata’s release and makes it really awesome I might consider doing them 😉

  10. aramis says:

    School of Hard Knocks be damned…I. Got. My. Mount!

    For my druid at least.

    Yeah baby. And just for good measure, I did the achievement on my Shadow Priest as I half-heartedly do the achievements on him.

    With that said, my year is complete with this year’s Children’s Week so I can’t really say that I have done things again. I know I already had done all the V-Day stuff last year and I did enjoy the changes this year (new boss, CHANCE if ever so slight at a cool new mount, etc). If I do holiday stuff, it’s because some of it is easy money. And you really can’t say no to easy gold. Especially when, on my priest’s server (Dark Iron-H) you have fools chargin 399g-800g per 20-stack of Peacebloom (YES! EFFIN PEACEBLOOM!).

    For my priest after completing School of Hard Knocks, I decided that I guess it wouldn’t hurt to do the achievements on him as I have already done the most evilest of all holiday achievements. My druid got it done with guildie help in about 4 hours. My priest? Two days alone were spent in Eye of the Storm. All I can say is, just like the post, I’ve seen some despicable things go down this last week. OUT. RIGHT. DESPICABLE. But with patience I finally found a group of good samartians to help my poor priesty.

    But getting back to the subject…yes, it’s worth re-explporing the achievements. I would like to think the new expansion will bring some changes over the course of the next year (though probably not in time for events going as late as Brewfest, most likely). There’s always collectibles to be had. I know I didn’t get a pet here and there for sake of getting achievements done, so those will be worth striving for.

    And I’m officially rambling….

  11. Kerisa says:

    My main, Kamalia, has already done all the holiday acheievements that looked interesting to her (she’s never wanted to do Long Strange Trip, because she thinks proto-drakes are ugly), and she finished up her Veteran Nanny this year. So I probably won’t be doing holiday stuff with Kamalia anymore unless Blizz revises the holiday events.

    Holiday weeks will still keep me pretty busy, though, because I look at the holiday quests as basically free XP for my army of alts.


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