How has ICC changed your healing style?

So, I haven’t updated my healing guide until before ICC came out. So, I was wondering – has your healing style changed since ICC came out?

During my Druid Healing Survey back in December, people generally responded that:

  • They HOT the tanks and then raid heal
  • Rejuv was the most commonly used spell (with wild growth coming in 2nd)
  • Healing Touch overwhelmingly won as the least used spell.
  • For the Rapid Rejuv glyph – most people either weren’t sure, or planned to swap it in & out.
  • A lot of people were planning to respec to pick up celestial focus.

So, the question is – did your predictions hold true for your healing?

For me, It’s mostly stayed the same:

  • For me, Rejuv & Wild Growth still dominate my healing.
  • Healing Touch & lifebloom usually rank low on my total healing done.
  • I don’t use the Rapid Rejuv glyph, because I found that it caused me to frantically try to keep it up at a shorter duration, and that caused me too much stress.
  • I have celestial focus talented right now, since my haste dropped lower as I got better gear, due to the amount of crit/spirit gear I’ve picked up.

I’m pretty sure that mine has stayed more the same since we are NOT doing hard-mode fights, since the hard modes seem to be what drives people to swap healing styles more often. I did, however, find myself using more healing touch (not glyphed) during some dreamwalker fights (when I had lots of stacks on me and not so many HOTs on dreamwalker) just to see the big numbers fly!

So, how about you? Has your healing mostly stayed the same, or has it changed since 3.3 came out and you started raiding ICC?

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13 comments on “How has ICC changed your healing style?
  1. Jasyla says:

    My healing has stayed pretty much the same.
    -Rejuv and WG are my most dominant spells, but I also use Regrowth and Nourish a decent amount.
    – I don’t use HT more than a couple times a raid
    – I love the Rapid Rejuv glyph and rarely ever take it off
    – Never specced into Celestial Focus

  2. Keeva says:

    My healing hasn’t really changed.

    I love the RR glyph and rarely take it off.

    I remember being unsure about CF and leaning towards not using it if possible – but in the beginning I had to spec into it. I specced back out as soon as I could (which didn’t take long).

  3. Terraik says:

    My healing also hasn’t changed much.

    Rejuv makes up a lot of my healing, along with Regrowth and Nourish. I still don’t really use Lifebloom and I never use Healing Touch without Nature’s Swiftness.

    I love the Rapid Rejuv glyph. I put it on as soon as I could get my hands on one and I haven’t raided without it since. I dislike how short the HoT duration can become, but I find the faster ticks to be worth it. Nearly all my guilds progression is based on 10 man raids, where I find it easier to maintain Rejuv on people. If I did more 25s, I might feel more like you do, Lissanna.

    I redid my talents to include 3/3 CF after the change to GotEM, and I suppose I like it. Even with CF, I still would like more haste, so I guess I will be hanging onto it for a while!

  4. Natsuke says:

    Mine has stayed the same as well. Keeping hots on tank whenever possible and rejuv/wg on the raid. I finally got enough haste to spec out of celestial focus so that made me a happy panda. n_n

  5. Jen says:

    My style hasn’t changed. Hot the tanks, hot the raid, Nourish if it gets hairy. Never had Celestial Focus, and now I’ve got too much haste even without it, need to focus a bit more on regen. Never had the RR glyph, but I might reconsider it now, since we’re starting 10 man heroic.

  6. Globies says:

    Using the glyph on 10 man, not on 25 man where rolling rejuvenations becomes somewhat of a frenzy.

    Using CF as… well considering the level of my gear, i just need it.

    Healing hasn’t changed all that much. Rejuvenation spam, wild growth, keeping up regrowth on tanks. And if at all possible (for eg desecration or any other times boss ability for that matter) try and time Lifebloom so it blooms as needed. Never using HT unless in a macro with Nature’s swiftness, but more as a “oh shit” button.

  7. Nynnaeve says:

    My healing style hasn’t changed too much. I do both 10 man and 25 man, hard modes on both and like everyone else my top two spells are rejuv and wild growth. But my role changes per fight… so nourish, lifebloom and sometimes healing touch (when the pally is unable to heal the tank) rank high on my healing done.

    I swap glyphs alot and I like RR glyph for aura fights and Valithria, but otherwise don’t like the shorter duration.

    I’ve never needed to spec into CF. I have little to no real gear competition so haste is never hard for me to get.

  8. Treeboi says:

    In ToC25, I tried to heal everyone, all 25 players, when raid healing.

    In ICC25, I pick 8-9 players, and focus on them when raid healing.

    Any more than 8-9, and people start dying. It means that I use both regrowth and nourish a lot more often, as part of my raid healing rotation, than I did pre-Icecrown.

    Part of that is just due to fight mechanics, where the raid spreads around more. Thus, you might end up being the only healer withing healing range of certain players, so you have to concentrate your heals on them, because there is no backup.

    This focused healing mentality started during Lich King’s outer shelf phases, but it has continued into our heroic modes, as I’ve found that rejuv by itself just does not cut it anymore, and people are spreading out too much for wild growth to be useful on non-melee.

  9. Anachan says:

    I am still a tank HoTer and raid healer. Rejuv is easily my top heal, but my next is really fight-dependant. If there is a lot of raid damage going on in reasonably close quarters, then Wild Growth will be next. If there is less raid damage and more specific target damage (such as Saurfang), Lifebloom comes into prominence. (Yes, there are still Druids who use LB. I just don’t roll it or even 3-stack it in many cases.) I also use Regrowth much more than I used to do, especially in 10-mans.

    Nourish is for spamming when I am desperately trying to keep someone alive for a short interval of high damage.

    To be honest, aside from Tranquility and Healing Touch, I use the entire Resto toolbox on a regular basis. Oh! I did find one situation where I have really spammed Healing Touch . . . when I was inside Frostmourne in the ICC25 LK fight.

    I use the Rapid Rejuv glyph most of the time, but I keep a few stacks of glyphs on hand to switch out when necessary. (For example, Heroic ICC25 Festergut, when you can’t see the Malleable Goo through the orange fog . . . it’s just bad news to be hit with Goo while wearing the RR glyph . . .)

    I spec’d into CF at first, but now that my haste is adequate, I have spec’d back out of it.

  10. Moonra says:

    with my current gear my mana regen has come to a point where I can keep Lifebloom running for a decent period without letting it bloom, also Regrowth has climbed up the ladder to a point where I even use the glyph for it now to see how it helps.

    other than that i still use rejuv and WG whenever and wherever I can. old habits die hard 🙂

  11. Delerius says:

    VDW finally convinced me to use the Regrowth glyph, it’s just too good. I swapped it in for Swiftmend because I almost never use it anyway.

    I loove Rapid Rejuv because I stack haste like nobody’s business. I’m still specced into CF even though I’m almost 200 overcapped, but I don’t care. MOAR HASTE!

    I usually slow-roll Lifebloom on both tanks (only 10 man raiding) and keep Regrowth on as well. I also Regrowth myself for the long HoT if there is a lot of raid damage and usually on a certain *cough*Zugzuug*cough* warrior who likes to take a lot of damage.

    Other than that, Rejuv/Wild Growth as usual.

  12. Akenea says:

    My raid healing style has stayed the same for the most part. WG and Rejuv blankets with regrowth as needed. I also don’t find myself using the Rapid rejuv glyph as much as I thought it would.

    Got in with a new group for ICC and all of the sudden found myself doing more tanking healing. So when I am tank healing I find myself using regrowth and nourish a whole lot more then when I used to just raid heal. It has been fun because I never used to be able to mainly focus on tank healing before.

  13. Treeboi says:

    One more thing. If you are doing hard modes while wearing a lot of haste, you’ll find that you can easily run out of mana.

    Yeah, mana will start to rear its ugly head again.

    You start to really pay attention to those timers, and try to always let the hots fall off before refreshing them.

    It also means that you cannot, just cannot, wear more than 1 or 2 items without mana regen stats. Even 2 items without mana regen would be 1 too many for my tastes.


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