Interviews with Conspiracy Feral Druids!

So, my guild (Conspiracy on Elune) has a ton of druids. So, I thought it would be a fun blog project to interview them & then post the results of the interviews here on my blog to share with all of you! So, over the next few weeks, we’ll take a look at some of their favorite (and least favorite) aspects of the druid class and the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, now that Wrath is soon(tm) coming to a close!

I’m going to take a couple posts to do this, so today we’ll start with two feral (kitty) druids: Tympanic (one of our officers, who went more casual recently due to RL reasons), and Roarinn (one of our new druid recruits who does great DPS in raids for us). I have a pair of resto druid answers ready to go for either later this week or some time next week.

1. What is your druid character’s name?

  • Tympanic

2. What is your druid’s main spec?

  • Feral Kitty, with Feral Bear off-spec

3. How long have you been playing WoW?

  • Started in Sept. ’06. Tymp was the first toon I started, and has been my main ever since. Unfortunately, I didn’t hit 60 until shortly after BC dropped, so I didn’t get to experience classic raids.

4. What has been your favorite part of the game in WotLK?

  • I genuinely love the Northrend 5-man dungeons. I like that they were a challenge when we were all leveling to 80, and that I can now do them quickly if I have a little time to spare.

5. What has been your least favorite part of the game in WotLK?

  • I think the Argent Tournament probably fits here, though it’s bittersweet for me. I like that it made it easy for me to finish my Alliance reps, but it is way to grindy. Secondly, the dungeon and raid are just boring. The whole thing just doesn’t seem to fit, either progression- or lore-wise.

6. What do you like most about the druid class & your spec?

  • Flight Form!!! Actually, I just absolutely love the whole shapeshifting thing in general. As for my spec, I like that cat is a big challenge to play well, but that I can dump out the damage if I do it right.

7. What do you like least about the druid class & your spec?

  • Part of what I liked least was removed when they redesigned cat and bear forms. As we all know, Blizz still needs to improve boomkin and tree. In addition, I don’t like that there is no visual advancement to my character in the form I take 95% of the time. It’s the same cat that I have stared at since level 20. I’d love to see either some armor or have the animal become more tough-looking somehow.

8. If you could change one thing about the game, what would it be?

  • Aside from what I mentioned in the previous question, I honestly don’t think there is anything that I would directly change that isn’t already changing. IMO, Blizz does a great job of continuously improving every aspect of the game (even with the occasional misstep). Cataclysm will be such a big change that it can almost be thought of as a full-on sequel to the original game. Welcome to WoW 2!

9. What raid instance from WotLK was your favorite? What was the best part of the instance?

  • I haven’t set foot in ICC. Aside from that, Ulduar tops the list. I enjoyed being challenged and ultimately succeeding in there. It truly felt epic.

10. What is your favorite instance of all time (either raid or 5-man)?

  • It is between Ulduar (for the reasons stated above) and Karazhan. Kara was my first real raid, and was tough for Conspiracy when we were first formed. It was also personally tough for this noob tank. As we progressed into 25-mans, I still enjoyed taking a night each week to plow through Kara for badges. Those runs were fast-paced and a ton of fun.

1. What is your character’s name?

  • Roarinn

2. What is your main spec?

  • Feral dps

3. How long have you been playing WoW?

  • I’ve been playing since late BC era as a holy priest.  I swapped to my cat mid-ToC for raid composition reasons and never looked back.

4. What has been your favorite part of the game in WotLK?

  • This isn’t really specific to LK as much as it is when I entered the game.  This has been my first real shot at becoming a raider.  I only raided a little in BC – Kara and Mag’s.  This has been a whole new world and one that I thoroughly enjoy.

5. What has been your least favorite part of the game in WotLK?

  • Vehicle combat, egads.  I cringe at both Oculus and ToC5, not because they are terribly difficult, but because I  don’t enjoy having all my buttons swapped out.  Well, that’s not always the case.  I do enjoy FL in Uld, but that’s because I can be in a vehicle that requires cooperation with someone else.  It’s different, I swear!

6. What do you like most about the druid class & your spec?

  • I love the flexibility of druids.  Beyond this, instant-cast flight form you can do gathering crafts in and stealth are both huge selling points for me.
  • Cat: I love the fluid feel of cat dps.  I love how it rewards you for good decisions and scolds for the bad ones.  I love how it feels frenetic while requiring patient planning.  And the kitty feral charge – who doesn’t love flying cats?!

7. What do you like least about the druid class & your spec?

  • To get the full picture of a druid, you have to see them in different shifts and even in caster form.  Each shift has a tiny subset of the whole.  I wish that each shift had a more fleshed out feel to them.
  • Cats: Much has been said on the lack of an easy interrupt, but I also dislike how swipe works for cats.  The range requirement is so short, and invariably my auto-target will grab something too far away.  I spent time clicking around on a wiggling pack of mobs to find one I can swipe on, only to find the pack half-dead by the time I succeed.  My aoe dps winds up being an all or nothing affair.  Either I do really well on that pack, or look for the world like I was asleep at the keyboard.

8. If you could change one thing about the game, what would it be?

  • Make all the trinkets that disguise you as something else into shirts instead!  Really, I’d love to do the ape bubble while having my dps trinkets working, too!

9. What instance from WotLK was your favorite? What was the best part of the instance?

  • My favorite instance is definitely UK.  I sometimes go there to solo the regular version and unwind after a long night of raids.  My favorite fight, though, has got to be Epoch in CoS.  It gives such a feel time fluctuating around you.  Very cool stuff.

10. What is your favorite instance of all time?

  • Uldaman.  I have fond memories of spending hours upon hours in there with friends that I can’t help but smile every time I return.  It also has so many hidden features that there’s a mysterious aspect to it.  Kara might be a close second.  I’m still not sure I’ve seen it all!
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5 comments on “Interviews with Conspiracy Feral Druids!
  1. Treeboi says:

    In the, it’s a small world vein, I work with a Tympanick. I’m guessing that my coworker is an uncle to the Tympanic in your guild, as there aren’t that many of them….

  2. Tympanic says:

    Since none of my family plays, it sounds like just a coincidence.

  3. Trazer says:

    Uhm, just a heads-up re the blog. I am not able to go to – it times out. This article loaded immidiately after having used google to get to a cached version of your site.

    Been like this for a few days (I needed your guide for leveling feral ;))

    Kitties are loads of fun, went feral for the first time ever on my main a week ago, and I am having a ball!
    But, having never played a melee dps-class is is damn tricky to wiggle around behind mobs to shred .. tanks just can’t stand still anymore *note to self*…

  4. Lissanna says:

    Trazer – I haven’t had any problems accessing the blog. I’m not sure why you are getting hung up trying to get here.

    My leveling guide is also on the WOW forums if that is easier for you to access:

  5. TechDeft says:

    I’d love to have them critique my bear basics post I made. (I know they are kitties, but I love talking shop with ferals)


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