Leaks I will not be posting.

So, MMO-champion leaked that Cata’s testing has started today, but it’s likely all going to be under an NDA for a while, (confirmed by Blizzard poster). I didn’t have a blog for WotLK or BC testing season, but I basically stopped posting on the forums nearly entirely for a couple months back then, and I will maintain an even higher level of integrity now that I do have such a public resource. The forums clearly have a rule against posting leaked info, and it is generally common knowledge that Blizzard has locked down or closed sites that had leaked info during previous Alpha seasons.

Cata testing means the internet will be flooded with leaks – BOTH real and fake – related to Cataclysm over the next few weeks. However, I promise you that the only info I will post on this blog is things that have been publicly released by Blizzard. So, I will quote blue posts from the forums, or information from WoW’s official website. I will not be posting on ANY leaked info while testing is under an NDA for the testing participants, as this would violate my ethics as someone who lives by Blizzard’s rules (I always do my best to live by Blizzard’s policird). Once again, I will not speculate on unreleased content or rumors here, or elsewhere.

It’s also just too easy to speculate on FAKE stuff that people post just to get the community worked up (like they did by releasing fake druid patch notes during BC Alpha, and people were upset for months over something that some random person made up in photoshop).

This blog will still comment on official info, and I will try to post about non-Cata related things (ie. leveling, healing, current raid content, etc) to pass the time over the next couple months.

I promise that when the more public Beta is underway, and it is not against the TOS to post about Cata testing info, I plan to have nearly daily posts related to Cata’s development. Until then, the last thing I will say on the subject is… Also, comments on this post have been disabled.

Remember kiddos: If it isn’t blue, it isn’t true.

Also, just for the blue posts: Yes, we can confirm that the Family & Friends phase of the testing process for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm has begun. The closed beta test phase has not yet started, but we will provide updated information when it does.

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