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Picture Time: In the jungle

So, Anea posted on her blog about taking screenshots & adding song lyrics. I figured it would be a good way to capture a piece of Azeroth, where I spent a lot of time leveling, which will never be the same once Cataclysm comes out.

So, in true druid style, here’s what I came up with:

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight!

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Update on my guides – not forgotten!

So, I’ve been somewhat neglectful of my leveling & healing guides lately – mostly because there haven’t been many changes worth noting. However, I did finally cross-post the leveling tank & healing guide pages onto the forum sticky version. They have been on the blog version of my leveling guide for a while, but due to the popularity of the newer dungeon leveling system, I thought it was time to move them over. As of now, they are still only level 40 thru 80. I figure before level 40, the talents don’t actually matter that much, so it isn’t worth my time as of now to go back and fill in the rest of the talents before then.

In addition, there is a really great new guide by Wildpaw on the forums covering more info about leveling through the dungeon system for tanks & healers. That guide is a great little gem on the forums that hasn’t been stickied yet, so I wanted to bring attention to it for people who are currently leveling druid alts.

Also, for my healing guide – I haven’t updated it much lately, either. At this point, it probably won’t get attention until the new Cataclysm version that I’ll write for when the new Cata talents come out. Until then, there’s not much of a point in making major changes to it. However, if you find obvious problems or things that are out of date, please let me know.

When Cataclysm is closer to release, I plan to re-write my guides (again) from scratch (likely a very time consuming process). However, that process won’t start until much closer to the expansion’s release. So, until then, I plan to relax a little bit and not spend a lot of time on going back over my guides for content that is soon going to be outdated. However, I’m really looking forward to getting to revamp my guides again, and I already know some things I plan to do differently next time (ie. remove the low level pvp advice from my leveling guide, since I don’t do low level pvp to maintain good advice), and things I’d like to add (more about the abilities & rotations at low levels). I know there are always things I can do to make them better, and I have big plans for the future (including planning on leveling a third druid – a worgen- when Cataclysm is on the live servers, so I can have the experience of leveling a druid again to improve the quality of my leveling guide).

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Holidays without achievements?

Okay, so I got my Violet Protodrake a couple months ago, during the Elders events. That means for all the standard holidays, my druid doesn’t need to jump through hoops to complete all the achievements. I don’t really work to get the meta achievements on any alts, so that makes holiday events basically optional at this point.

I did get one achievement for Children’s Week (Vetran nanny), which didn’t take very long, and I worked to get the last of the pets I wanted from the quests I could do. However, aside from the very basic questlines, I haven’t done anything else for Children’s week. Now, this week is also my University’s final’s week, so I’ve had less time to do things – but I’ve also had less motivation. For Children’s Week, pet collecting has been the primary motivation to do the holiday, anyway.

Will I do other holidays coming up in the future? I’m not so sure. However, I did used to do holiday quests before achievements just for fun, so maybe I’ll keep doing it anyway. I suppose it also depends on which holiday, and what activities look interesting on their own. For example, I’ll always look forward to looting presents during Winter’s Veil, but I couldn’t even bring myself to help my guildies do School of Hard Knocks PvP stuff.

So, my question is to you guys – once you finish the meta achievement for a holiday, do you still go back and participate in holiday events the next year? Do you think Blizzard should keep releasing new holiday quests and achievements to keep people interested in the holidays (even if those aren’t linked to the meta achievement), or do you think you’ve earned a break from achievements if you’ve managed to complete all the current holiday ones?

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Is the water wet enough now?

So, one of the most interesting things that have popped up lately are the daily cataclysm screenshots on WoW’s website. Since they are officially released info, I thought I would take a moment to talk about water in World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings online – the two games that suck up all my free time (okay, WoW sucks up pretty much all of my free time, and I don’t have any max level characters in LotRO).

Today, I wanted to put three screenshots side by side. One is WoW’s old water. One is LotRO’s water. One is the new Cata water screenshot.

You can click on each to expand the screenshot. First, you can look at WoW’s current water (in Northrend), and see that it’s not very detailed, and doesn’t really look that much like what water should look like. In action, it’s just kinda… blah. It’s really just a 5+ year old outdated graphic. WoW’s water has always had kind of a funny texture, which we live with because that’s just what water looks like to us.

Next, with the LotRO water, it’s really unfortunate that I took the picture when it was raining, since it makes the water a little harder to see clearly. However, in action, I really like LotRO’s water effects. It just looks more natural, and has a cleaner-feeling texture, and is just much more realistic-feeling overall. I should try to dig up a better water screenshot for LotRO, but I don’t have time to run all over the game looking for the perfect water picture, so you are just going to have to trust me that it’s better than WoW’s current water graphics. 🙂

Then, the third (right) screenshot is the new Cataclysm WoW water, which more closely resembles LotRO water than either resemble the original WoW water. The more realistic-looking LotRO water was one of the features I liked more about that game (which just hit it’s 3 year anniversary).

So, one of the more unspoken features in Cataclysm that I can’t wait to see is the water effects. It’s hard to tell what full ripple-action will look like in motion, since all we’ve seen at this point is screenshots. However, lets just say that if WoW’s are even better than LotRO’s water effects, that we’re going to enjoy staring out into the seas & kicking our feet up on Azeroth’s new beach-front property!

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