Podcasts and more updates!

First, I wanted to let everyone know that I did get my prize from the Azeroth United HHV charity event. I am really proud of Fimlys, Brigwyn, and everyone else who helped organize the charity event. The chip-in system that was used sent the money directly to Child’s Play, so I am confident that the event was a huge success (given how much money was raised), and it was a huge accomplishment for the WOW community. A small delay in mailing stuff just shows how busy the people are who play this game, and I thank them for taking time out of their busy lives to organize such a successful charity event!

My prize was a Murky Figure Pet:

Also, I was on the Twisted Nether Blogcast a few weeks back, for one of their Round Table discussions. You can find the recording from that show here.

In addition, I’m going to be on another podcast tonight, with Esh and Kat, on Gaming Wolds Collide. We will be discussing the Evolution of Raiding in WOW. The show will be at 6:30 EST, and then you can listen to the recording any time after that. Click here for a link to tonight’s show!

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One comment on “Podcasts and more updates!
  1. Fimlys says:

    Thanks again for being on the show! It was a blast. Glad you got your prize. He’s kinda cute.. 🙂


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