Ruby Sanctum – Gear for Resto & moonkin

So, with the Ruby Sanctum normal-mode gear released, we can take a look at the gear which drops from the Ruby Sanctum. Some of the caster leather & accessories would be good, and some may not be upgrades for druids. Lets take a look.

First, lets look at things that would appeal to BOTH resto & moonkin:

Potential Resto healing gear:

  • Glowing Twilight Scale – Trinket from 25-man. The Use-effect only works with direct heals, so it’s not super useful with the current HOT-based style of healing that druids focus on. However, if 4.0 brings more direct healing spells into druids’ use, the trinket might increase in usefulness. At this point, I would pass over it (though you could theoretically time when to use direct heals to benefit from it).
  • Abduction’s cover – Cloak from 10-man. Has haste & mana/5. Not the best resto cloak, but you could use it if you didn’t have access to something better.

Potential Moonkin loot:

  • Charred Twilight Scale – A haste trinket with a spell damage proc. Right now, the haste is probably not that great for moonkin. However, if our desire for haste changes with the 4.0 patch, this trinket may be a good way to get a quick haste boost at that point. Until we know more about the 4.0 content patch, I would hold off on picking it up – especially if your haste is already causing a lot of wrath global cool down clipping.

That’s what we’ve got so far. Not a lot of things to look forward to, but there’s really only one boss, right? It’s nice to see all the haste/crit gear, for sure!

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10 comments on “Ruby Sanctum – Gear for Resto & moonkin
  1. Verdus says:

    The bracers in particular are a godsend. I’m actually currently using the heroic Ether-Soaked Bracers in my healing set, despite the fact that they have hit on them. It feels a little dirty, but they’re literally the only bracers *anywhere* in ICC with haste on them, at least that druids can wear, and I can’t quite make the haste cap without them. Seriously, why does everything in there have to be frakking spirit/crit?

  2. Lissanna says:

    Yeah, bracers are one of the slots where I have ToC gear that I never upgraded.

  3. Hamlet says:

    Haste is very solid for a Moonkin as always. The only issue with that trinket is that we don’t know the ICD yet. If it’s 45s, the trinket is quite good–I think on part with DFO. I was going to check in more detail once we know what it actually is.

  4. Hamlet says:

    on par*

  5. Chezza says:

    The one thing I appreciate in this post is Lissanna’s refusal to -jump- to conclusions. The game is still a ways from release and, in my opinion, probably meant to tantalize non-theorycrafters more than anything else. So, thanks for providing the news and an analysis that included appropriate disclaimers regarding what unknowns need to be considered before pronouncing judgment on the equipment.

  6. Qieth says:

    Haste is awesome for moonkins. After SP, haste is slightly favored over crit once you reach both your soft caps 🙂

    I currently get about .2 more DPS per point of haste over crit.

  7. Lissanna says:

    I’m already FAR above the moonkin haste soft-cap, and at this point, losing a crit trinket for the haste trinket would probably be worse, since Eclipse would proc slower, and I’d clip wrath’s GCD a lot more when nature’s grace is up. Once moonkin’s haste soft-cap with NG is higher, then haste will magically become a LOT more useful past the current cap.

  8. Taliindor says:

    would The healing trinket consider the final bloom of LB a direct heal?

  9. Lissanna says:

    I don’t know if the healing trinket would apply to Lifebloom’s bloom.

  10. Hamlet says:

    IIRC, the Lifebloom bloom doesn’t proc Focus Magic (I think I checked this once with my girlfriend). It also doesn’t proc Living Seed, although I think that’s specified by the text of the talent. It probably won’t proc the trinket.

    I say this time and time again on various sites, but everyone is far too afraid of high haste as a Moonkin. Haste is good. Having high haste is good. Modulo ICD, that trinket is probably very good.


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