Update on my guides – not forgotten!

So, I’ve been somewhat neglectful of my leveling & healing guides lately – mostly because there haven’t been many changes worth noting. However, I did finally cross-post the leveling tank & healing guide pages onto the forum sticky version. They have been on the blog version of my leveling guide for a while, but due to the popularity of the newer dungeon leveling system, I thought it was time to move them over. As of now, they are still only level 40 thru 80. I figure before level 40, the talents don’t actually matter that much, so it isn’t worth my time as of now to go back and fill in the rest of the talents before then.

In addition, there is a really great new guide by Wildpaw on the forums covering more info about leveling through the dungeon system for tanks & healers. That guide is a great little gem on the forums that hasn’t been stickied yet, so I wanted to bring attention to it for people who are currently leveling druid alts.

Also, for my healing guide – I haven’t updated it much lately, either. At this point, it probably won’t get attention until the new Cataclysm version that I’ll write for when the new Cata talents come out. Until then, there’s not much of a point in making major changes to it. However, if you find obvious problems or things that are out of date, please let me know.

When Cataclysm is closer to release, I plan to re-write my guides (again) from scratch (likely a very time consuming process). However, that process won’t start until much closer to the expansion’s release. So, until then, I plan to relax a little bit and not spend a lot of time on going back over my guides for content that is soon going to be outdated. However, I’m really looking forward to getting to revamp my guides again, and I already know some things I plan to do differently next time (ie. remove the low level pvp advice from my leveling guide, since I don’t do low level pvp to maintain good advice), and things I’d like to add (more about the abilities & rotations at low levels). I know there are always things I can do to make them better, and I have big plans for the future (including planning on leveling a third druid – a worgen- when Cataclysm is on the live servers, so I can have the experience of leveling a druid again to improve the quality of my leveling guide).

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