Monthly Archives: June 2010

Cataclysm: Worgen & Troll druid forms

With Beta started and the Alpha NDA lifted, I can now show you the druid Worgen cat & bear forms. I only have one color of each, due to broken barber shops not allowing me to change hair color. However, it’s likely that the colors were placeholders, anyway. Keep in mind that it’s art from […]

What to do while the server is down

With the Elune server having hardware upgrades Tuesday, for all day Tuesday, along with lots of the other servers, I have a whole day where I can’t log onto my main to play. That means today’s post is the top 10 things to do when your server is going to be down for 24 hours: […]

Addon spam being throttled

So, mods like Gearscore are known memory-hogs, because they tend to (very rapidly) ping the server with requests to get information to calculate scores for a lot of people. This would be okay if only one person was doing it, but if you have a high population area (like Dalaran) with possibly hundreds of people […]

Real ID: Do you trust the friends of your friends?

So, today is patch day. This patch has a lot of neat features (like the Ruby Sanctum raid). One of these upcoming features is the Real ID system.  This system is designed to blend your “real life” with game life to a somewhat uncomfortable facebook-stalker level. When the Real ID system was first announced, I […]