Cataclysm: Worgen & Troll druid forms

With Beta started and the Alpha NDA lifted, I can now show you the druid Worgen cat & bear forms. I only have one color of each, due to broken barber shops not allowing me to change hair color. However, it’s likely that the colors were placeholders, anyway. Keep in mind that it’s art from early in development, so like everything else – IT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE!!!!!

I’ll have A LOT more to post tomorrow when the Beta server is back up. I’ll revise these pictures if their colors changed when the next patch hits the Beta server.

Also, I will have full reviews of all abilities, talents, and everything Druid posted tomorrow once I’ve had a chance to verify what changes have been made in the newest build (currently downloading).

As of the last build, we got cat form at level 10, and bear form at level 15. Along with other leveling changes, getting a couple druids up to 15 was really easy & super fun! Things are looking good for druid leveling in Cata. I may just have to be like pokemon: gotta catch ’em all! The last build didn’t have new moonkin, trees, or other forms yet, so this is all I’ve got so far!

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20 comments on “Cataclysm: Worgen & Troll druid forms
  1. Jeg says:

    Wait, what? Cat at 10 and bear at 15? lol, sweet…?

    I like both forms, but I need to see the troll ones in different colors.


  2. glassofwater says:

    troll forms: pure win, sexy, and freaking amazing! Electric blue hair is win. Also I wonder what trolls with red hear will like like.

    worgan forms: pure FAIL! looks like a cross between NE bear and Tauren bear for worgan bear and for worgan cat, a cross between NE cat and Tauren cat… And honestly, the NE forms have a grace, while the Tauren forms have more of a brute force feeling, and the combination of the two do not work in my mind, I might be rolling a troll druid…

    sidenote: did Jeg just not swear? OMG!

  3. Lissanna says:

    I leveled up a third druid to test orange hair troll’s cat form. It was a gray body with orange main/accents.

    The tauren & worgens have a beefier cat model, and the trolls/NE’s have a more sleek cat model.

  4. Keeva says:

    Did you get a beta invite Liss, or was this from the alpha?

  5. glassofwater says:

    Ah ok, I can’t edit my comment can I? cause I meant to say “red” and put “read” instead D: I can’t wait to see the orange one though Lissanna!

    I edited for you. -Liss

  6. Ueshiba says:

    Cat at 10 = leveling WIN.

  7. gazimoff says:

    Based on those screenshots, I’ll definitely be rolling a Troll Druid in expansion. Aqua-cat to the rescue!

  8. Ueshiba says:

    They BETTER do something cool to the Worgen; as of now, I’m highly unimpressed with their models. I mean c’mon… look at those sick troll skins!

  9. Andrew says:

    Tusks. Check.
    Mohwaks. Check.
    Big Ears. Check.
    Fluro Colours. Check.

    Yup, its a troll druid alright.

    The Worgen ones seem remarkably similar to Tauren forms.

  10. Lissanna says:

    the worgen are similarly colored, but their model has enough differences when you put them side-by-side. It’s easier to see in person.

  11. Chezza says:

    Worgen Cat looks better than Worgen bear in my opinion. Honestly, though it seems like they just added some fur to the NE models and changed the claws. Not bad I guess. I still think it would be cool to see something like armor in animal forms to show a player’s progress and such, but I think we all know how that’s ended up. Following quote from:

    “I remember watching The Golden Compass back in 2008 and thinking that the bear’s armor was so awesome and how cool it would be to have something like that for druid forms.

    Here’s what’s really bad about that. I explained that to my mother who doesn’t play video games and certainly doesn’t play WoW. Then I showed her this thread:
    It took less than five minutes for my mother who doesn’t play video games to appreciate the humor in the thread and that Druids (especially ferals) were getting left out with regard to showing their armor and thus some of their ingame accomplishments. While the character models have improved since then, it’d be nice if there was something to look forward to in Cataclysm with regard to Druids being able to show some of their armor in forms.”

    Oh well.

  12. Keeva says:

    I mostly like the stripes.

    I was already going to level a troll in Cataclysm, as feral – can’t wait to explore the colours to see how he’ll look!

  13. Bumble says:

    Lis was in the F&F Alpha which is why she had time to level them already.

    I think the new forms look pretty good, although all of the skins for Troll forms look unfinished at the moment. I hope they don’t stay eye-bleedingly neon colored… it’s very Troll, but not very Druid IMO.

    I think a lot of ferals will be happy to see some armor on their bears though. =)

  14. Icedragon says:

    The trolls look so stupid. It’s like they took the Tauren cat form, dunked it in paint, used a crappy photo editor to add the mohawk as an afterthought and chopped the tusks off an Elekk to shove them into the jaw.

    The Cenarion Circle is going to laugh and point at the neon cat freaks. The Worgen bear looks similarly “last minute thrown together” as a model.

  15. Treeboi says:

    Lissanna, can you talk about the spells that get modified by Tree of Life form?

    I’m looking through mmo-champion, and it seems like the following spells are modified:

    Regrowth = instant cast
    Lifebloom = 2 stacks per cast
    Wild Growth = +2 targets
    Roots = instant cast
    Wrath = +50% haste, +30% damage

    In addition, it looks like Lifebloom got nerfed, as in, only one Lifebloom stack per druid, at any one time. I really hope this is not true.

  16. Lissanna says:

    Resto healing is in the middle of… a cataclysm. I need to spend some hours (ie. the entire day today) going over everything & posting. They sprung Beta on me… when I was not prepared!

  17. Andygt says:

    Reused models that looked Photoshopped by an amateur… wow good job. Troll druid looks like a clown, Worgen one is dull.

    Blizzard has definitely no sense of creativity left at all!

    Not wasting my money on this game anymore because it’s clearly not going anywhere :/

  18. aramis says:

    I love the Troll feral forms. They are indeed very troll-ish. Colorful to say the least.

    Worgen kitties look good, but the worgen bear looks offputting to me. They have this look in their eye, like someone just suddenly stuck something up their buht. 😛

    My druid is going to enjoy being a troll. I can’t wait to make the switch.

  19. WTFblanket says:

    K, already haz a Troll Drood name saved, Tulgash, I think its sweet, and, ya, the troll druid forms are pretty sweet, but a lil to neony, worgens, are k, but a lil awkward in terms of imagination, not quite kewl enuf, otherwise, GJ Bliz 🙂

  20. Sean says:

    The Troll forms are impressive, but the Worgen are disappointing. Not only do they too closely resemble NE and Tauren, but seriously, why should the worgen turn into a cat form? Why not a wolf? They’re werewolves for cryin out loud. I agree that it seems Blizzard just slapped their forms together. Oh well, either they’ll make it right, or they’ll let it slide like normal.


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