Exploring Azeroth – Capturing memories

So, when I graduated from college, my parents got me a really nice digital camera. Over the next few years, I took lots and lots of pictures with it. However, my use of digital cameras went down. Instead, the last few years, most of my pictures are of my in-game character, instead of my life outside of the computer.

With cataclysm coming up, those old places in Azeroth you used to visit could be potentially changing, disappearing, or getting a face lift. So, as a “fun” post, I decided to pull out a couple things from my exploring of old Azeroth, before the Cataclysm hits. Today, we have Fire (from Burning Stepps), and greenery (from Alterac Mountains).

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2 comments on “Exploring Azeroth – Capturing memories
  1. Lisa says:

    Great idea :). I actually thought about revisiting old content by starting a whole new character, but given the time involved, I decided I wasn’t that nostalgic after all.

  2. Avatar says:

    There are definitely some awesome places in WoW currently, that may or may not be there anymore come cataclysm, getting the explorer achievement on my DK was well worth it to see all the cool stuff before the changes


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