Monthly Archives: June 2010

Good news, everybody!

My boyfriend of several years, who I met after I moved out to attend grad school, proposed to me over the weekend at a beautiful garden park, where we were visiting with some friends (who were apparently in on the whole thing). So, now, Mike & I are engaged! Here’s some pictures of the park […]

Progress report: BQ 25 down!

So, Conspiracy killed Blood Queen in 25-man ICC. That leaves us at 10/12 in ICC for our 25-man (with Sindragosa as our next big bad boss to fight), and 11/12 in ICC for our 10-man progression.  Hey Lich King, we’re coming for you! One of our 10-man groups has been getting in some good progress […]

Cata preview leads to more Q’s about reforging

Disclaimer: All the information contained in this thread comes from the (very small amount of) information released in the fansite preview about the reforging system, as well as info they’ve released about talent and stat changes in previous discussions of class & game mechanics for Cata. Thus, we don’t actually know very much about reforging, […]

What glyph would you want in Cataclysm?

So, with the flood of information from the Cataclysm press event, the thing I found to be the most shocking was the announcement about taking out the path of the titans, and overhauling the glyph system instead. The post on about the changes states that there will be three types of glyphs: Major glyphs […]