Monthly Archives: June 2010

Cata Preview: Druid talent draft released

So, there is a somewhat official talent version released to some of the big fan sites (ie., mmo-champion). You can find the whole list of the current draft of Cataclysm talents here. In addition, GC said that people can talk about them. When reviewing the talents, please remember that these are still in the […]

Interview with a Conspiracy Priest

So, this is probably the last of my interview series with my guild members. Salsah, a holy priest, wasn’t elligable for the druid interview series, but he really wanted to fill out the survey, anyway. So, I said I’d post it if he filled it out for his priest! It’s always good to know about […]

Exploring Azeroth – Capturing memories

So, when I graduated from college, my parents got me a really nice digital camera. Over the next few years, I took lots and lots of pictures with it. However, my use of digital cameras went down. Instead, the last few years, most of my pictures are of my in-game character, instead of my life […]