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Cata Preview: Druid talent draft released

So, there is a somewhat official talent version released to some of the big fan sites (ie., mmo-champion). You can find the whole list of the current draft of Cataclysm talents here. In addition, GC said that people can talk about them.

When reviewing the talents, please remember that these are still in the very early stages of development, and that they will probably look substantially different by the time they go live. In addition, the talent preview doesn’t show you the context of other changes made to actual spells & abilities. So, with that in mind, lets look at some of the best & worst in the tree right now:

First, up for least useful talent is Lunar Justice (from the balance tree). The tooltip indicates that you’ll have to run and hug the mob you killed to get your mana back, meaning that it will likely have little (to no) usefulness outside of leveling.

Best talent name: Nom Nom Nom. I think they should keep the name. After all, isn’t the point of the game to have fun? 🙂

Most interesting change (not sure if good or bad): Damage increase in tree form, combined with instant wrath casts from fury of the stormrage, for resto druids to have more offense in PvP. I’m not sure yet if I like the idea of these damage increase talents for resto (that balance specifically wouldn’t have access to). I guess we’ll see once things are in Beta and we can really test it out if trees are going to be doing some damage dealing in PvP.

Biggest winner: Effloresence. This talent was announced in the preview, and I’ve always liked the idea of this proc, which will potentially make regrowth a better “raid” healing tool.

Biggest problem in a talent: A 50% snare built into the tree form cooldown talent is too much. Any movement reduction at all would be bad, but if we need one – then 10 to 20% is about the most that it should have. In raids and PvP, pretty much having to stand still the entire duration defeats the purpose of needing a strong cooldown to help you get through tricky situations (since tricky situations are almost always when you need to move & heal the most at the same time).

Biggest reversal of a spell’s role: So, back before WotLK, we used moonfire’s direct damage as actual direct damage from time to time (lawl moonfire spam). During WotLK, we glyphed moonfire so it didn’t do very much direct damage, and we used it primarily as a DOT. Now, we’ve got multiple (three) talents designed to buff moonfire’s direct damage, so we will probably need to return to moonfire spam in more situations, especially since we don’t have much else we can do while moving.

Overall, there are a lot of great things in the talent trees, but there are still lots of things that need to be changed, and a lot of things will likely be changed before the talents go live. I’ll dive more into things at a later date.

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Interview with a Conspiracy Priest

So, this is probably the last of my interview series with my guild members. Salsah, a holy priest, wasn’t elligable for the druid interview series, but he really wanted to fill out the survey, anyway. So, I said I’d post it if he filled it out for his priest! It’s always good to know about the other non-druids on your healing team. 🙂  Our guild (Conspiracy on the Elune server) is always looking for more good players!

1. What is your priest character’s name?

  • Salsah

2. What is your priest’s main spec?

  • Holy 14/57/0

3. How long have you been playing WoW?

  • Let’s see almost 5 years now.

4. What has been your favorite part of the game in WotLK?

  • The fighting between the Alliance and Horde.  I personally think it is a good thing the two factions are fighting each other.  It adds to the environment and adds depth to the game.

5. What has been your least favorite part of the game in WotLK?

  • Ugh the constant grind of the gear in the game.  I know that the better your gear gets the better prepared you are for the raid.  Sometimes I want to go to a raid to kill the bosses and have a good time.

6. What do you like most about the priest class & your spec?

  • The instant casts such as Circle of Healing and Prayer of Mending I always enjoy.  I also love that Priest healing is different.  You have a tool for almost every situation.

7. What do you like least about the priest class & your spec?

  • I think the thing I like the least happens to be Lightwell.  Unfortunately they still have that talent in the talent tree.  Oh and every time I die and go into Guardian Spirit, my gender sensitive titles (Patron/Matron) change.  Apparently the guardian spirit is a female which means that the title needs to change.  It doesn’t matter if you have that title equipped or not.

8. If you could change one thing about the game, what would it be?

  • I would like to see holy form for Priest.  It may sound silly but we already have shadow form.  It doesn’t have to do much, I just want to be a pillar of light and maybe wings.  Okay you can forget the wings as long as the character is bright.
  • To the actual game I would want to change the fact that nothing really changes.  I want random fights across the world, or chaos happening on the streets of major cities.  If you include a random element every now and then it keeps the community fresh and on their toes.

9. What raid instance from WotLK was your favorite? What was the best part of the instance?

  • I would have to say ICC.  There are different elements to fights besides tanking and spanking.  Personally the Dreamwalker fight is a good example of this, relying on healers to help finish the fight.

10. What is your favorite instance of all time (either raid or 5-man)?

  • I would have to say Stratholm.  There is so much to that instance, you can tell they took their time making the instance. Different named bosses, a whole live side to the instance, fighting Baron Rivendare.  The whole place was always a challenge every time you entered.
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Exploring Azeroth – Capturing memories

So, when I graduated from college, my parents got me a really nice digital camera. Over the next few years, I took lots and lots of pictures with it. However, my use of digital cameras went down. Instead, the last few years, most of my pictures are of my in-game character, instead of my life outside of the computer.

With cataclysm coming up, those old places in Azeroth you used to visit could be potentially changing, disappearing, or getting a face lift. So, as a “fun” post, I decided to pull out a couple things from my exploring of old Azeroth, before the Cataclysm hits. Today, we have Fire (from Burning Stepps), and greenery (from Alterac Mountains).

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