Progress report: BQ 25 down!

So, Conspiracy killed Blood Queen in 25-man ICC. That leaves us at 10/12 in ICC for our 25-man (with Sindragosa as our next big bad boss to fight), and 11/12 in ICC for our 10-man progression.  Hey Lich King, we’re coming for you!

One of our 10-man groups has been getting in some good progress on the Lich King, but the defiles keep eating us. I think our best attempts so far got us to around the 40% transition phase. One of these days, we’ll get it!

In terms of my blogging plans for the upcoming weeks: at this point, with SC2 coming out at the end of July, part of me thinks that Beta for Cataclysm may not start until after SC2 comes out (since they have to patch 3.5 for WoW before SC2 comes out). However, I’m still starting to think about preparing my Beta info release, so that I won’t be caught totally unprepared if they totally surprise me by releasing it sooner. Until then, I’ll keep writing about the info that Blizzard is publicly releasing as best I can. I’m still being somewhat restrained about Cata posting until Beta starts for a lot of reasons. I expect the number of actually druid-related posts coming out of Restokin to explode the first week or two of the Beta testing season, when we can really dig into all the mechanics of things that haven’t yet been released publicly in any real detail yet. I’m sure there will be a lot of really fun things to discuss as it gets closer to Cata’s release and details get more finalized. I can’t wait!

In addition, as the recruitment officer for Conspiracy, I’m spending a lot of my time trying to find people to keep our roster full over the summer vacation months. Right now, we’re looking for more strong DPS players – especially mages & elemental or enhancement shaman.

Okay, now I need to get back to grading papers…

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5 comments on “Progress report: BQ 25 down!
  1. Salsah says:

    Honestly I think that Beta won’t come out until after Blizzcon. If you think about it, everybody who has attended usually gets a free beta invite key. They will probably wait until after just to include those people.

  2. Hamlet says:

    Yeah, I’m basically just waiting for Beta at this point. I’m pretty much at the point where I need the NDA to come up to make more progress on the spreadsheet, just so I can have basic info on spell ranges and coefficients. WC is in surprisingly good shape though–by the time Cataclysm releases it’s already going to be even more advanced than it was for WLK.

  3. Lissanna says:

    Blizzcon is too far away. they can’t wait that long. They could always have a late batch of Beta testers come from Blizzcon, tho…

  4. Dieste says:

    You’re on Elune? /happy
    I’ve been reading your blog off and on for my lowbie druid, then moved to Elune, was looking up recruiting guilds and spotted the name. Didn’t think it’d be you but omg! 😛

  5. Terryhogan says:

    Just found your blog! Great to see an Eluner who blogs about their experiences in Warcraft. I transferred to Elune as well in Oct and have never regretted it. Do you know of any other folks on Elune who blog? Keep up the great work!

    Terryhogan-Segmentation Fault-Elune


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