What glyph would you want in Cataclysm?

So, with the flood of information from the Cataclysm press event, the thing I found to be the most shocking was the announcement about taking out the path of the titans, and overhauling the glyph system instead.

The post on wow.com about the changes states that there will be three types of glyphs:

  • Major glyphs (much like they are now)
  • Medium glyphs (NEW “fun factor” and cosmetic glyphs)
  • Minor glyphs (much like they are now)

I don’t really understand the difference between minor & medium glyphs, since neither seem to be designed to really help all that much – and I have a hard time finding minor glyphs to care about already. So, there has to be some sort of distinction between minor & medium glyphs for the new system to work. I guess we’ll see over the next couple of months what they have planned for this new system. However, the lack of info about possible new gyphs doesn’t stop me from asking this very important question…

  • What “medium” (ie. fun, cosmetic) glyphs would you like to see in Cataclysm for the druid class?
  • In addition, what would you make as minor glyphs in Cata, to make them distinct from the medium glyphs, but feel slightly more useful than the do now?

So, readers, what are your suggestions?

The most obvious medium (or minor) cosmetic glyph suggestion for resto druids would potentially be a “tree” form glyph that would allow you to keep the cosmetic look of tree form instead of your normal caster form (which people have been asking for since the announced change to tree form into a cooldown). I would suggest the current “look” for tree form could be that glyph, and then when you shift into whatever the new tree form graphic is for the cooldown version, it would be visually distinct from your cosmetic tree look when the buff isn’t active.

However, we’d need more potential options – for cat, moonkin, bear, and resto specs (what if some druids really do want to be able to see their cool caster forms?)

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18 comments on “What glyph would you want in Cataclysm?
  1. glassofwater says:

    What would I want medium glyphs to be? I would want them to maybe be stuff like change paladin offhands/shields to a easter basket. Maybe make hunter’s auto shot shoot snakes and not arrows. You could also maybe have a glyph that adds a glow to your helm, gloves, and stuff like that. For druids you can add leaves to the tree form, maybe have your tree form change seasons! Another thing you can do is add more armor (like cosmetic armor that kinda looks like plate) on the bear and cat form. For moonkin you can add a glow to the things that dangle down from the shoulders, and maybe different color (like red)

  2. Maor says:

    One thing the medium glyph could do is give back the current tree form for those who want it. Cosmetic only obviously.

  3. Kharendos says:

    If I recall, the rough basis for the ‘Central/Medium’ Glyph to be was already in Wrath’s Data Files, now known as ‘Depreciated Glyphs’, or at least according to MMO Champion’s database. Here’s what I could pull up here for it…

    – Changes your Bear/Dire Bear Form to a Black Bear
    – Changes your Bear/Dire Bear Form to a Polar Bear

    – Changes Cat Form to a Forest Lynx
    – Changes Cat Form to a Red Lynx

    So if anything, we may see little aesthetic changes, but nothing too horribly game-changing.

  4. lordkyanr says:

    I honestly have no clue what Blizzard is going to do about glyphs for Druids, especially major ones. It is hard enough to add new enchants each expansion that aren’t just the same old thing better (mongoose is still the best tanking enchant), but adding a whole new slew of glyphs that are going to replace what are already glyphs that scale extremely well?

    Almost every single one of our major spells/abilities already has a glyph that buffs it, some more than others. I don’t ever see getting away from the Switftmend glyph as a resto druid or the starfire glyph for moonkins.

    Some ideas for minor glyphs might be baking talents into a glyph that almost every druid takes but is essentially worthless (the biggest example I have here is Natural Shapeshifter). I would not have a problem taking this as a minor glyph over the majority of my other ones which are not that impressive (thorns, dash and gift of the wild).

    The point of glyphs really seems to be buffing key spec abilities in a very minor way. Frankly I do not use a single one of the tanking glyphs in Icc 25 (don’t tell my guild, but there is no way that they would know the difference). It is almost impossible to tell me apart from any other tanking druid because the glyphs do so little for me.

    Glyphs for me really have been very unimpressive. I wish the minor ones would do more fun stuff that didn’t matter and the major ones would be more awesome.

  5. Lissanna says:

    Kharendos – They already decided a while back not to do the art that went with those old bear/cat form glyphs, so it will end up being something else for druids. We got the new cat & bear forms instead of those glyphed ones.

  6. Amradorn says:

    The ability to stay in tree form even if it’s just cosmetic would be a nice medium glyph.

    The cool down on tree of life… worst change ever.

  7. Psynister says:

    Guess I get to be the odd one out here: I hate tree form. The buffs it gives are nice and all, but I don’t want to look exactly the same from the time I hit level 50 to the time I delete the character. At least Boomkins get to see their new weapons as they level. The rest of us are just screwed.

    If we had a simple option of showing the form or not showing the form, then I’d be cool with that and just leave mine off.

    As far as what I’d like to see the glyphs do, I think cosmetic changes are nice, especially with the announced change that once you’ve learned a glyph you can swap in and out as you please instead of having to go make/buy new glyphs every time you decide to swap.

    I think the Medium Glyphs might be things like the Frost Mage’s perma-pet. Sure, it’s an increase in overall DPS, but it’s also a cool effect that has both a positive and negative side (he’s permanent, but he loses an ability). I think something similar would be cool for druids, like making Treant’s permanent, but giving us only 1 instead of 3.

    Allowing you to use Track Humanoids either in addition to your professions tracking, or while in forms other than cat would be cool. Using Dash when not in Cat form would be cool. Allowing spells that can only be cast in Form X to be cast in other forms would all be cool.

  8. Cathy says:

    I LOVE my tree form and would love to see a cosmetic glyph that gives me leaves of the season on my tree:)

    Let me keep my tree:(

  9. Kanubis says:

    It’s the mental blanks I draw at questions like this that make me realise how much I’d suck as a game designer! Every time I try and get a decent idea I just go back to wishing we had different colour options for moonkin :/

    Lisanna, on another note something has bugged me slightly about the weekend’s revelations. I’ve always found it annoying trying to get the hit rating spot on, and I had thought that reforging was the answer to this. But if only secondary stats can be reforged, and we get our hit from Spirit doesn’t that mean that along with Elemental Shammies we’re the only two DPS specs that won’t be able to juggle our hit rating in this manner?

  10. Aggrazel says:

    I want a glyph that makes travel form go at 100%.

    Or a saddle glyph that lets people ride me. 😉

  11. Lissanna says:

    Kanubis – Graylo started a thread on the DPS forum asking about being able to reforge spirit or not. Keep an eye there to see if an answer pops up at some point.


  12. Lyftsceaða says:

    How about different tree forms? A pine, a weeping willow, a palm, a Judas tree (I know it’s not really a tree but….)

    There are already prototype pine trees – the wandering tree giant mobs in Grizzly Hills. Surely it wouldn’t require much of a change to the existing tree mesh?

    Personally I quite fancy a cherry blossom tree 😉

  13. Nynnaeve says:

    The way I read and understand the way medium glyphs will work is not the way you all seem to… minor would be not that useful, medium would be useful but not all the time, major would be useful quite consistantly. So medium glyphs wouldn’t be cosmetic by nature, minor glyphs would be.

  14. Lissanna says:

    Well, there were mixed reports initially about what medium glyphs would do. Wow.com said “fun, cosmetic”, so that’s what I ran with. Some other site implied later on that they may actually be more functional. The cosmetic glyphs could always become minor glyphs instead of medium if that’s what the devs went for. It’s just fun to think about “fun” glyph ideas. 🙂

  15. Kanubis says:

    Thanks for that link Lissanna, although it seems that many players still get annoyed if we ask for something!

    I’m glad it was posted – I’m an EU player and it’s frustrating not being able to ask directly (the EU CM’s do try, but it’s a bit of a lost cause.)

  16. Neyuna says:

    I will take anything fun or dynamic, or without a penalty. I think moonkin are the only dps with Major glyphs with penalties (-90% initial MF damage, losing the -3% hit from IS), while other casters get a static buff without a trade-off.

    Maybe something buffing our weaker spells slightly, like Treants, Insect Swarm or Entangling Roots.

  17. Nynnaeve says:

    I remember reading that on Wow.com and finding it a little wonky since we already have minor glyphs that were purely cosmetic. But for “fun” new glyphs, I’d appreciate some sort of costume effect that would show up OVER our forms. Bunny ears or whatnot as a tree? 🙂

  18. scaresome says:

    I’d like three ravens flying around my head, maybe they could peck at a mob and daze him for a second or two.
    I’d like a bee hive in my off branch, swarming about.
    I’d like to change with the seasons; bare branches in the winter, maybe even a little snow or icicle.

    The fruit tree isn’t a bad idea, to be able to chuck an apple much like we toss snowballs would be fun.

    I’d like my swim form to be a log or a canoe that ppl could ride or grab onto for extra speed in the water.

    I’m very excited about the spell that makes leaves on the ground for a safe zone (wild growth crit?).

    Finally, nothing wrong with some toys for the tree in the Toy Shop. I’d buy a kite to be stuck in my branches or a tiny gnome tree house!


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