What to do while the server is down

With the Elune server having hardware upgrades Tuesday, for all day Tuesday, along with lots of the other servers, I have a whole day where I can’t log onto my main to play.

That means today’s post is the top 10 things to do when your server is going to be down for 24 hours:

10. Catch up on all the chores you didn’t do over the weekend. I think my turtle tank needs cleaning…

9. Go outside and enjoy nature. If it’s not too hot, maybe I’ll take a walk. Or, maybe not.

8. Hang out on the forums instead of the game. That’s where I spend all my time, anyway!

7. Log into twitter and cry to your friends about how the forums are down, too, because it’s a Tuesday.

6. Try to do actual real work… maybe? Okay, maybe not. I can keep looking at possible wedding stuff, which I’ve been doing a lot of lately. *giggle* Oh wait, I mean “work on my dissertation”, yes that’s right.

5. Play on your second MMO (you know, the one you normally play on Tuesday maintenance, lol). My 2nd MMO is Lord of the Rings Online. I don’t play it very much and I’m really looking forward to it going Free to Play so that I don’t have to keep up a subscription for it.

4. Go hang out with friends on Tuesday night! I have a group of friends that I usually hang out with on Tuesday nights since it’s not a night my guild raids.

3. Read about the Ruby Sanctum raid and hope that it will get released soon, so that we’ll have more new stuff to do!

2. Read blogs! There are always lots of fun blog posts to get caught up on! You can also read class guides, and look into information about other classes that you don’t normally play.

1. Make an alt on a server that comes up earlier than yours, since not all of the servers will be down at night; and the people who have servers that are still up should suffer by having overcrowding, right? It would also allow you to apply all the knowledge you learned while reading blogs about other classes before the alt server came up from normal maintenance!

For everyone whose servers aren’t getting the extended maintenance, it’s still nice to have backup plans for if people come and make your server unplayable anyway, right?

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9 comments on “What to do while the server is down
  1. Chezza says:

    Another option: Read a book.

    My server is down too, so after work going to do chores from this weekend and hopefully read a few chapters from The Two Towers 🙂

  2. Mindalen says:

    Hi Liss. Put me on your list. Looks like the server is finally up.

  3. Terryhogan says:


    Great blog. Just found it recently and it’s cool to see a fellow Eluner blogging their exploits in the game. Do you know of any other Eluner’s who have blogs? Keep up the great work!


  4. Terryhogan says:

    Awesome! I’ve probably ran VoA 10/25 with someone from your guild at some point. I’m a healer as well, but I’m dirty and wear plate 🙁

  5. Lavata says:

    Lies, there are 3 other bloggers in Conspiracy, well I may not count since I have not updated my blog in a while.


  6. Lissanna says:

    Get posting Lavata. 🙂

  7. Chyna says:

    Can I mention some other “server down” alternatives that I think are notably missing?

    1. Seck-shul relations. Get into something that requires instruction manuals, lubricants, safety words, and a nearby phone with 911 on speed dial.

    2. Two words: World Cup.

    3. Volunteerism. Do something to better your neighborhood, your community, your world. How much time do we blow on WoW? Just a fraction of that time would be well spent doing something not so self-involved.

    4. Call your mother/father/sister/brother/long-lost relative/person-who-means-a-lot-to-you-but-you-don’t-talk-to-nearly-enough. We’re gonna miss having had a chance to talk to them someday.

    5. Bake a cake and give it to someone.

    6. Play a musical instrument. Right now I’m level 35/450 on violin, working on level 36.

    7. Write to your government represntative about an issue that is important to you. Email makes this ridiculously easy.

    I have done all these (and more) during server down times, and didn’t miss the game for one minute.

    Come on, girl. Half your options are either twittering about WoW, blooging about WoW, reading forums on WoW, making a WoW alt, or playing an alt MMO. Unplug. The server being down is a message from the universe that you need to do something else.

  8. Lissanna says:

    Chyna – but that was part of the joke, since I know that Tuesdays is when everyone reads and posts about WoW when they can’t play. 😉

    Tuesday nights, however, are when I go out and play with my non-WoW friends. lol.


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